10,000 Head of Kansas Feedlot Cattle Reportedly Dead

By Brian Shilhavy


(Health Impact News) – Multiple news sources are reporting that thousands of feedlot cattle have died in Kansas, and they are blaming it on the heat.


Many farmers have chimed in on social media, however, stating that cattle don’t usually die like this simply because of heat, especially in the southern cattle producing states, such as Texas which have long, hot summers.


Because these are “feedlot” cattle living in close quarters and being fed commercial feed, rather than cattle that graze on pasture, some have speculated it could have been poisoning, while others are theorizing it could be EMF radiation such as from 5G towers, as there is some precedence of EMF radiation poisoning or harming cattle in the past.


NASA is now reporting, “As the magnetosphere weakens — combined with ozone layer depletion — natural forces can cause “rifts” or gaping holes in the shielding that normally protects Earth from UVB rays emanating from the sun. The mass death of cattle could be one of the first warning signs that the magnetosphere is failing.”


Whatever caused these deaths and the growing number of fires at food production facilities in the past year, food is sure to be in short supply going into the fall and winter.

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