40 Days of Love to unite churches in gospel outreach this fall

40 Days of LoveFor forty days this fall churches that are in the Rhode Island area TOGETHER partnership will focus their prayers on loving God and their neighbors.  The 40 Days of Love initiative, begun in Orlando, FL three years ago, is now being embraced throughout North America and beyond, including the New England region.


Beginning on September 9, 40 Days of Love will call on churches to seek a new love for God for ten days, followed by thirty days of specific individual prayers for up to ten people who need Jesus.  As they pray, members of participating churches will be challenged to ask God daily for ways to show love to these friends and for open doors to begin spiritual conversations with them.


In the first 10 days as series of daily revival prayer gatherings will be hosted by various churches in the communities, and all will be invited to participate.  These ten days of prayer will coincide with the days between the Biblical feasts of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Personal devotional guides for individual daily use will also be provided.


Objectives for the 40 Days of Love include engaging Jesus followers in more specific prayer for the gospel to flow through them. TOGETHER hopes to increase the number of gospel conversations taking place in the southern New England culture.


The TOGETHER partnership was formed in 2010 by church leaders across denominational lines in Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts.  Originally launched as “LoveRI”, the partnership of more than thirty churches aims to see the gospel advanced through the simple Biblical priorities of praying, caring, and sharing by individuals and congregations.


“Our slogan is simple:  joining hands, loving people, changing lives,” said Executive Director Dr. David Gadoury. “We want to see God’s power unleashed to advance the gospel through the daily lives of God’s people and to see our region transformed,” he added.


Since its founding, TOGETHER has conducted pastors’ prayer summits, pastors’ prayer breakfasts, an inner city outreach called Summer O.F.F, a major conference in Providence in 2016 called TOGETHER Advance the Gospel, and other joint community projects.


More information about TOGETHER and 40 Days of Love can be found on their website at ww.togetheratg.org.

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