5th Annual Women of Judah Conference



Pastor Lisa J. Sfameni – Victory Assembly of God


By Victory A/G Staff


You are invited to the 5th Annual Women of Judah Conference hosted by Pastor Lisa J. Sfameni at Victory Assembly of God on Friday and Saturday, May 6-7, 2016.  We’re looking forward to a powerful and uplifting time in the Presence of God! Our focus is “Finding the Freedom to Worship in the Midst of the Battle.”  In Genesis 29:35, we read, “She [Leah] became pregnant again and gave birth to another son.  She said, ‘This time I will praise the Lord.’ So she named him Judah [meaning praise].” The purpose of this Conference is to learn how to experience the power of praise! We are Women of Judah/Praise!


This is what some of the women who have attended in the past have said about this Conference:

Great job expounding on the Word of God, you challenged us to grow deeper in our faith, deeper in prayer and you challenged us to be women of Judah, women of praise…we had a wonderful time in the Presence of the Lord, just a great time praising and worshipping and seeking the Lord for special needs in our lives…I feel changed!” 

“This was actually the very first time I felt connected in a way that I felt the urge to praise, it was a very happy night for me.”  

“I was inspired by the speakers…I had grown complacent in my faith, I didn’t have the fire to be ready for the fight…after this conference I’m ready for the fight and I’m not going to be complacent anymore!” 

“The worship was amazing and really ushered in the Presence of God…a couple of years ago God gave me a promise that I had begun to lose hope in, but this conference helped restore my hope that whatever God has promised will come to pass.  I can rely on what His Word says…He will restore everything the enemy has tried to steal!”


WOJ - Shannon Barbosa

Shannon Barbosa is a wife, mother, speaker and blogger. She and her husband founded, “From the Ruins Ministry”

Shannon Barbosa will be speaking Friday night.  Shannon is a wife, mother, speaker and blogger.  She and her husband founded, “From the Ruins Ministry” after losing their son in a tragic car accident in October of 2013.  She’ll be speaking from the understanding of first-hand grief, and how God can get you through even the unthinkable when you keep your trust in Him even when it doesn’t seem to make sense. Pastor Lisa will be speaking on Saturday.  She is the co-pastor of Victory A/G, wife, mother, singer and speaker.  Lisa travels and ministers at conferences, retreats, seminars and church services. With 25 years of experience in ministry, she understands how to praise her way through the battles with which she’s been faced.  Her constant message to all believers is “Keep your eyes on Jesus, not the battle.”



WOJ - Tara O’Brien-web

Tara O’Brien is an anointed and gifted wife, mother, worship leader and youth leader and will be leading us in worship in all of our meetings





Tara O’Brien will be leading us in worship in all of our meetings.  Tara is an anointed and gifted wife, mother, worship leader and youth leader.  She also has learned what it means to worship her God when everything around her says to do otherwise.  Tara has walked through many battles in her life, but has come forth shining the grace and light of Jesus Christ through her life.






Please visit woj.website to register by credit card or download a registration brochure.  You may also email Lisajsfameni@aol.com your mailing address and a brochure will be mailed to you.


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