A real look at campus ‘hysteria and indoctrination’ coming in 2018 Carolla, Prager crowdfund ‘No Safe Spaces’ documentary on college snowflakes

By Paul Bremmer


From safe spaces to trigger warnings to cries for reparations for black students to segregated “privilege” workshops, many of today’s college campuses are steeped in a frenzy of political correctness.

Comedian and podcaster Adam Carolla is teaming up with radio host and WND columnist Dennis Prager to expose the madness through a documentary titled “No Safe Spaces.”

They have been filming for several months, but they recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to help finance the movie. Carolla and Prager are seeking to raise $500,000, which would then be matched by another $500,000 from Dangerous Documentaries, the movie production branch of the Capital Research Center.

“For obvious reasons, Hollywood won’t be financing a film that calls out the hysteria and indoctrination taking place at universities,” reads a message on the project’s Indiegogo.com page. “That would be like asking a clown to take a stand against wearing giant shoes and driving tiny cars. This film will entertain and educate as an independent voice: your voice.”

Carolla and Prager promise to sweeten the pot with a wide variety of perks for donors, depending on how much they donate. For example, those who chip in $10 will receive a coloring book, which is a staple of safe spaces on many college campuses.

Those who donate $50 receive a “No Safe Spaces” film crew T-shirt. Anyone who gives $5,000 gets to enjoy either dinner and drinks with Carolla or dinner and cigars with Prager. And those generous enough to donate $20,000 are promised an executive producer credit, a trip to the movie’s Los Angeles premiere and admittance to a private reception on the premiere date.

As of June 2, more than $154,000 had been raised, representing 31 percent of the $500,000 goal.

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