A Tent Meeting Revival: What is Truth? What is Freedom?

By Cathy Morgan


“If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth,

and the truth will set you free.

(John 8:31-32)


A Tent Meeting

A Tent Meeting

THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE is the theme of this year’s second annual Tent Meeting Revival, sponsored by Church of The Apostles, Evangelical Anglican, Coventry, Rhode Island, scheduled for this Labor Day weekend, August 29th, August 30th, and August 31st, from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  The revival, held in the tradition of “United In Faith” and the “Galatians 6:10 Project,” both multi-church, cooperative initiatives in the Pawtuxet Valley, with a history that now spans over seven years, will explore the questions:  “What is truth?”  “What is freedom?”

Even as Christians, the cultural demands of this society, the pressures of our jobs and the expectations of our friends and family enslave us and distract us from The Truth.  But as these times of economic and political uncertainty continue in the Pawtuxet Valley, the wider community, and to the ends of the earth, and we receive different, confusing and conflicting messages of “what is truth,” it is imperative that we remind ourselves and others that there is only one truth!  There is only one answer!  In Jesus Christ there is no slavery, only freedom – and only The Truth will set you free!  Jesus said:  “I am the way, the truth, and the life” (John 4:6).

The weekend will feature dynamic local speakers and musicians from various denominations and backgrounds.  The scheduled preachers of the Word are:

  • The Reverend Douglas Tourgee, Riverpoint Advent Christian Church, West Warwick (Friday & Sunday)
  • The Reverend Robert Geoffrey, Church of The Apostles (Saturday)
  • The Reverend Chad Tvenstrup, Church of The Apostles (Saturday)
  • The Reverend Mark Galloway, Church of The Apostles (Friday & Sunday).

Music for the Tent Meeting will be provided by:

  • Mike and Beth Silvia, worship leaders, Living Hope Christian Church, North Kingston (Friday)
  • John Polce,Christian recording artist (Saturday)
  • Twin sisters Sharon Galloway and Sheryl Stadnick and friends (Sunday).

Throughout history, the Lord our God has called his people together through revivals such as these to encourage his people in their faith and to bring new believers into the fold.  In 2013, the saints of God were called to minister to his people in this way at the Tent Meeting Revival, here in Coventry, RI, resounding the message:  Hope is our Anchor: Renewing Rhode Island with the Gospel of Christ.  Christians came together from all over the state to minister to friends and neighbors, some already believers, but all seeking hope.  Each night approximately 200 people chose to gather under the tent to hear the only words of real hope, the Word of God!   “And so Lord where do I put my hope? My only hope is in you” (Psalm 39:7).  This year that tradition will continue with the words of Jesus Christ, himself, “…The Truth will set you free!”  Praise God!

Be a part of this exciting free revival where The LORD provides his message, the true message, the only Truth under the tent this Labor Day weekend!  Everyone is encouraged to bring at least one friend who is not acquainted with the Gospel of Jesus Christ to share the Good News, that they too will know the truth, and the truth will set [them] free.

Light food concessions will be available and a free will offering will be collected to help defray the costs of the event.

For further information contact Barbara Bickerstaff at 401-821-7609 or bickerstaff@apostlesri.org.




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