About Moral And Political Corruption In Massachusetts

This one’s from the history files:ABOUT MORAL AND POLITICAL

In 1957 when I was born in the Village of Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts exemplified the American dream. A family could live comfortably on a single income. Our streets were safe. You didn’t even have to lock your doors. The factories were humming. Family farms were thriving. The churches were full and the prisons were empty. We were secure and prosperous, the home of many top blue-chip companies. And, as the birthplace of abolition, we led the nation in the pursuit of racial harmony.

So what happened? The so called “progressive movement” happened: Marxism. It overtook the Democrats in the mid-20th Century, and then began infiltrating the GOP. They destroyed our manufacturing base and drove out the blue-chips with high taxes and over-regulation, turned our Judeo-Christian public schools into Marxist reeducation camps teaching secular humanism, enslaved inner-city communities with government dependency programs, and shifted political power from diversified local control to a Soviet-style centralized government in partnership with organized crime on Beacon Hill.

By seeking unity with the Democrats while aggressively suppressing conservatives, Charlie Baker is robbing this commonwealth of its last hope for recovering what we lost. Only the true conservative values of our founders that served us so well for so many generations can make Massachusetts great again. And that’s the truth.

I am a true Republican, Dr. Scott Lively and I ask for your support.

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