Alphabet Games MINISTRY TIP

By Rev. Doug Forbes

The Bible has been called the world’s greatest literary work and it is certainly the world’s bestseller each year.  It’s important for our class members to explore the Bible for themselves and discover the great treasures that it contains.

Alphabet Bible Games will help our children become more familiar with their Bibles, and help them learn where to find interesting facts, helpful information and lots of exciting stories.

For Alphabet Bible Games you need:  Bibles, Bible concordances and some small prizes.  (Small pieces of wrapped candy, lollipops or stickers will work great.)

Alphabet GamesBreak your group into two teams, and flip a coin to determine which team goes first.  The first team has one minute to discover a Bible story that begins with the letter A with its reference.  The second team then has one minute to find a Bible story that begins with the letter B with its reference.  Continue through the entire alphabet until one team fails to find a story, breaks the chain and loses the round.  Each member of the winning team then receives a small prize. (The time element should be adjusted to match the age of the children, and you may wish to drop the need for a reference.)

Continue the game with a different subject each round.  Your young people could search for animals of the Bibles, plants, people’s names, cities, countries, etc.  At the end of the game, congratulate everyone for his or her efforts and give everyone a prize.  Challenge the children to continue reading their Bibles and using their concordances to discover the great truths and treasures in the world of God.



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