Bible Answers for Almost All Your Questions

By Rev. Doug ForbesBible Answers for Almost All Your Questions

I have had the privilege of working with my friend Elmer Towns at educational conferences, conventions and teacher training workshops. Dr. Towns is a gifted speaker, teacher and writer. He has written over 80 books! His practical wisdom and great sense of humor attract people to him wherever he goes. Dr. Towns is the co-founder of Liberty University and served as the Senior Editor of Gospel Light Publications.

Have you ever had a question about the Bible you simply couldn’t find an answer for? The chances are that you will find the answer in Dr. Towns’ book “Bible Answers for Almost All Your Questions.” Elmer gives concise understandable answers to topics such as angels, the Christian life, the church, creation, Heaven, Jesus, prayer, and many more. He answers questions from almost every book in the Bible and provides practical applications for our daily lives.

My favorite section in this wonderful book is on prayer. Examples include: How should we pray? Does God speak to us through dreams today? How often should we pray? Is there value in fasting and praying? Why does God not answer all our prayers?

I have added this terrific reference book to my library, and I strongly suggest you do the same.

Bible Answers for Almost All Your Questions2

Dr. Elmer Towns with Rev. Doug Forbes at a Christian education conference in Massachusetts.

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