Black Single Mom with $7 to Her Name Donates Lottery Winnings to Police Officer Shot on Duty

By Jeff Reynolds

An African American single mom who lost her job during the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns, and was down to her last $7, donated her winnings from a lottery ticket to a police officer who was shot in the line of duty. When the police department set up a donation link to help her out, she expressed disbelief and asked, “Don’t the officer and his family need it more?” This is how America heals, everyone.

Shetara Sims, from Kansas City, MO, found a dollar in a parking lot of a grocery store and used it to buy a scratch off lottery ticket. Sims won $100, but instead of using the money to take care of her family, her daughter Rakiya suggested that they give the money to a police officer who had been shot on July 2 and was still in intensive care.

The Kansas City Police Department shared the story on their Facebook page, and hundreds of people asked how they could help Sims. The problem was that Sims had made the donation anonymously, and the police didn’t know how to contact her. Once they tracked her down, they set up a GoFundMe account to help her get on her feet…


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