Shouldn’t drug companies be responsible for the safety of their drugs?


By Good News Today Staff


Imagine an electrician fixed your house and assured you everything was perfectly safe and up to code…But then he demanded you sign away your legal rights to sue him if something bad happened. Even if your child brushed against an exposed wire and got shocked. Wouldn’t that seem a bit odd?


Yet this is exactly what all the big drug companies are doing…For years, they’ve been telling us that their vaccines are 100% safe and effective for your kids. That there are no risks involved.


But at the same time…They lobby (a.k.a. bribe) members of Congress to pass laws that make it IMPOSSIBLE for you to sue them or get fair compensation…Your child could have a severe reaction… and the drug companies would (legally) owe you nothing.


But here’s where it gets crazy…In recent years, over 13,000 parents have reported vaccine related injuries like seizures, brain damage, and even death. One mom paid over $2.1 million in medical costs to care for her son after one such “accident.” (And that’s just the financial expense.)


Why should moms be on the hook for these costs? Shouldn’t drug companies be the ones responsible for the safety of their vaccines? What’s all this about?


Jeff Hays is an award winning filmmaker who’s been short-listed for an Academy Award and for the last 12 months, he’s been flying across the U.S. and examining the ugly truth about Big Food and Big Pharma. He interviewed whistleblowers, former sales agents, doctors, scientists, professors, and parents. And he was stunned by what he discovered.


Now, you may already have a haunting suspicion that something’s up with Big Food, Big Pharma and the Health Industry. After all, you’ve heard of GMOs, lawsuits against drug companies and the like…But if you’re at all like I was… you’ll be blown away by how deep this rabbit hole goes. Most people are truly SHOCKED!


Jeff exposes it all in his startling new documentary, Bought. Before you (or your child) get another pill or shot, you have to watch this movie.


Visit this link and watch the entire movie now for free. You can also purchase the DVD to share with friends at the same link.





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