Caged No More

By Janey DeMeo

VISTA, CA (ANS) — According to UNICEF, 1.2 million children are enslaved every year. Sex trafficking is the world’s fastest growing global crime, and it takes place everywhere—even here in America. Caged No More is a scary eye-opening movie, which highlights the very real dilemma of the sex trade. It will also have you riveted.

As Macy dies in the arms of her loving godmother Aggie (Loretta Devine), she manages to express her fear that her girls are in danger at the hands of their own father, Jack (Kevin Sorbo). To Aggie’s horror, Macy was right. Jack had kidnapped the girls with intent to sell them off as sex slaves.

Caged-No-MoreIn desperation and fear, Aggie prays and begs God to intervene. Answers to her prayers came as she stumbled across Jack’s laptop and learned that Jack had a twin brother, Richard Lalonde. Aggie tracks Richard and his family—albeit under risky circumstances and pleads with him to help find the girls, Skye (Cassidy Gifford) and Elle (Abigail Duhon).

Lalonde’s son, Wil (Alan Powell), previously worked for Special Forces and was a ripe candidate to help locate the girls, even all the way over in Greece.

The Lalondes set off to find Jack and rescue the girls with little information to go by and no real security net. All they have is a praying church and a praying grandmother to watch their back.

In a series of dark escapades and adventures, the team are led to their prize. It is here they discover the sheer horror of human trafficking.

Caged No More is an entertaining story, although it is (sadly) based on true events. Everyone should see this film, which hit theaters on January 16th, in honor of Human Trafficking Awareness Month.

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