Can We Really Expect Teens to Avoid Pre-Marital Sex?

By Good News Today Staff
SPRING HILL, Fla – Can you really expect people to drive the speed limit?  Of course you do.  Why do we expect people to follow laws made by man, but when it comes to the instructions of God regarding our lives we question His knowledge of what we are capable of doing.

Here - A novelAuthor Jennifer Ball pens a story of a modern day clash of extremes.  Jennifer is able to boldly show the difference between a believer who has a relationship with Jesus, and someone who just knows what He did for us.  Joshua and Abigail are both believers in Christ, but have a different loyalty to Him.  “Here” is a story about Christian morals and values meeting head on with today’s progressive society which is decaying.  Experience Abigail’s plight as she engages Joshua’s world of temptation and debauchery. Joshua is a teen who claims to be a born again Christian, yet lives a life that Jesus died so we can sin rather than to save us from them.  God has a plan for this soon to be man, but Joshua can’t hear Him through his frolicking with the world.  So God will have to do what He is so good at and shake Joshua to get him to listen.

Jennifer writes from personal experience when she introduces Abigail, the rock solid Christian.  Abigail, a born again believer of Christ, seeks to walk her journey holding the hand of Jesus so she may be pleasing to the Lord.  While Joshua holds the hand of the devil yet accepts Christ to just escape the penalty of his sins.  Jennifer writes about modern day relationships, how pre-marital sex is accepted, and the word “love” is just a word.  God has a plan for Joshua, but he has to first let go the hand of the devil to hear it. God will do that by giving him a message in the most unforeseen way.

The world, trials and tribulation can turn believers into being lukewarm.  But God’s love is aggressive for the ones who say they believe, and He won’t allow the world to come between Him and His believers.  “Here” is a story that takes you on the journey of God doing all He can to get His wayward child back.

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