Cane Ridge Ministers Academy training up Ministers of the Gospel

Cane Ridge Ministers AcademyBy Monique LeMaire


The Cane Ridge Ministers Academy (CRMA) is training up Ministers of the Gospel, Chaplains, and those who want to be Biblical Counselors.


The CRMA is the training school for Christ’s Church Fellowship (CCF).  CCF is a non-denominational network of churches whose history dates back to the Second Great Awakening and more recently to 1988.  Please see our website at: for more details.


The Schedule of Classroom dates are thus:


Spring Quarter Starts the week of April 17 and will include the following classes: Old Testament Survey II, Church History I and How to Study Your Bible.


Summer Quarter Starts the week of July 10 and will include: New Testament Survey and Missions I.


Fall Quarter Starts October 2 and will include Christian Theology I, Apologetics I and Hermeneutics.


The CRMA is a tuition-free, donation-based private Christian school.  Our new website at this time is:


If interested, please CALL 401-619-2221 with any questions or to register for class.


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