Cedar Brook School Celebrates Fifty Years of Christian Education

Cedar BrookBy Charles Gilbert


For over fifty years, Cedar Brook Christian School has been achieving its vision of training students to become independent thinkers who aspire to reflect the character and mission of Jesus Christ in their lives.  This school has served surrounding Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts communities well, by providing quality Christian Education to thousands of students over the years.  Many of these students have gone on later in life to become pastors, teachers, nurses, ministers, doctors, dentists, administrators, missionaries, and community leaders.


Cedar Brook School has a rich history of devotion to Christian Education that has continued since its doors opened in the 1960’s.  The school’s campus, located just off of Route 44 in Rehoboth, MA, is situated on twelve acres of open green fields with wooded trails.  Blessed with this beautiful, peaceful rural country setting, the school is just a 20-minute ride from Providence.  The school is owned and operated by the Southern New England Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.  It is part of the largest worldwide system of Christian Education in the world today.  In North America alone, there are 852 operating schools. (Source: nadadventisteducation.org).


The school’s goal of Christian Education is to train and educate a child for a life of worthwhile Christian service here in this world, while preparing them for the world to come.  The things which make Cedar Brook Christian School unique, compared to public schools, and non-Christian private schools, is the atmosphere of dedicated, loving Christian teachers, and respect for the Bible.  Students experience and participate in morning worship, weekly chapel, spirit week, a week of prayer, student mentoring, and community service.  Activities students enjoy include choir, hand chimes, student evangelism, outdoor nature education, music clinics, science fairs, learning real-life skills, leadership development retreats, traveling on history trips, and taking part in the agricultural program.


Besides the influence of positive Christian values that are promoted in Adventist Christian schools, which benefit the spiritual growth of individual students, there are also the academic advantages.  In a study conducted from 2006 to 2009, of 81,706 students in 800 Adventist elementary schools and academies in grades 3 to 11 in the United States, these advantages became evident. The study looked at test scores on the standardized Iowa Achievement Test given each year to students, nationwide.  It was found that in all grades, and in schools of all sizes, the students outperformed the national average in all subjects by nine percentile points. (Source: NAD Valuegenesis Study).


Cedar Brook School is a nationally accredited*Christian school, where its students are taught by denominationally certified teachers in small multi-grade classes with excellent student/teacher ratios, in nurturing teacher-student relationships.  The school’s diverse student population creates an exciting learning environment. In a warm, loving Christian environment, students are inspired to realize their full potential while preparing for higher education and beyond. This is accomplished by students receiving a well-balanced, stimulating education, that provides for the students to achieve excellence.


Although Cedar Brook School possesses a challenging academic program, its teachers answer to a Higher Calling, …one where, “The most essential lessons for teachers and students to learn, are those which point, not to this world, but away from the world, to the Cross of Christ.” (Council to Teachers p.11)


For those seeking a safe, nurturing, and affordable Christian school environment for their children, Cedar Brook Christian School staff welcomes students and parents to prayerfully consider the important step of applying for enrollment.  For further information contact Mrs. Sherrie Wall, Principal, or Mrs. Sandy Urel, Officer Manager, at (508) 252-3930, cedarbrooksdaschool@gmail.com, or make an appointment to visit the school.  For parents interested in financial assistance, qualifying families may be eligible to receive three-way matching grants, which match funds provided by their local church group, no matter the denominational affiliation.


* Accredited by NCPAS, (National Council for Private School Accreditation), and the Accrediting Association of SDA Schools, Colleges and Universities.

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