Christmas Hope

When I hear . . .

hateful screams, caustic derisions,

posturing pols fostering divisions

I know . . .

Love’s humble descent, Bethlehem birth,

divine intervention rescuing earth

When I see . . .

storms, fires, floods, hurricane’s power,

suffering mounting, earthquakes devour

I know . . .

the Father’s promises, always fulfilled,

mercy, grace ever reaching, sovereign willed

When I sense . . .

self-imperfection, faults, weakness, sin,

battered, scarred, broken, condemned within

I know . . .

countless changed lives, forgiven, free,

Christ’s holy work in others and me

When I feel . . .

aging aches, waking nights, future fears,

impatience with life, grief, anger, tears

I know . . .

This life is fleeting, my Savior awaits,

with home celebration at heaven’s gates

Wait lifted, day breaking, I embrace the Son

the rest in my life has just begun!

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