Creation Mobiles MINISTRY TIP

By Rev. Doug ForbesCreation MobilesChildren are fascinated by new life and by living things in general. I remember how our children loved to watch baby chickens emerge from their shells. God has filled our beautiful world with all kinds of exciting life! Your students will enjoy making Creation Mobiles that will teach them of God’s beautiful creation, and importance of caring for our world.

For this project you need: Bibles, Bible concordances, wire coat hangers, yarn, scissors, a hole punch, some small prizes such as lollipops, construction paper, colored markers, a bucket of foam pieces of various shapes and other decorative materials you may have on hand.

Break your class into two teams and have each team compile a list of living things with a Bible reference. The team with the longest list wins a prize. (When working with younger children give everyone a prize.)

Discuss the importance of caring for God’s beautiful creation, which includes all living things. Ask your students to turn in their Bibles to Genesis 2:15-20, and ask for volunteers to each read a verse until the entire passage has been read. Explain that Adam’s job was to care for the garden and all the animals therein. We are supposed to do the same thing by taking care of our beautiful world.

Help your students cut pieces of foam and construction paper into the shape of living things, and use markers and other decorative materials to make distinctive features (faces, etc.). Instruct them to punch holes into the top and bottom of each “living thing.” (Items at the bottom of the mobile only need to be punched at the top.) Tie the “living things” in two descending rows from the bottom wire of the coat hangers three inches apart with yarn. Make sure to make the weight on both rows equal so that the coat hanger is balanced. Encourage your young people to care for God’s beautiful creation each day by doing something that improves their world such as planting flowers or picking up rubbish.

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