Custom Designed Mouse Pads MINISTRY TIP

By Rev. Doug Forbes

Custom designedCustom designed mouse pads are practical gifts that parents and guardians will enjoy for a long time.  The mouse pads can be used at work where coworkers can admire the children’s latest creation.

For custom designed mouse pads you need:  Bibles, Bible concordances, blank computer mouse pads, pencils, glitter glue, crayons, and fine tipped colored markers.

Ask your students to use their Bibles and concordances to rediscover their favorite Bible stories.  Allow time for each child to share his or her findings.  Next, ask each young person to pick a story they would like to illustrate.

Give each child a mouse pad and a pencil to help your students lay out the Bible story they would like to illustrate on their mouse pad.  Provide assistance as needed.  Once all the stories are laid out, instruct the children to use glitter glue around the edges of the mouse pads to create a border and then use crayons or markers to color in their Bible story.

An alternate activity could be for your students to use markers or crayons to write a favorite Bible verse on their mouse pads and create colorful designs around the verse.  Encourage your students to give their works of art to their parents, guardians or grandparents.


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