Dear Friend of Life

Dear Friend of Life RIRTL Mobile Ultrsound Bus

RIRTL Mobile Ultrsound Bus

I must admit that I doubted, but you did it. I have just returned from the post office and, with the checks and online contributions we have received to date, it is now absolutely clear that you have put us over the top of the $100,000 Matching Challenge by the North American Catholic Educational Programming Foundation, Inc. (NACEPF). I’ll let you know the exact amounts once we have added everything up. For now…

Thank you to all of you! Thank you to NACEPF!

We can now turn our attention away from fundraising for Rhode Island’s first mobile ultrasound pregnancy center and tend exclusively to the last hurdles and details necessary to bring the work begun just last Spring to completion.

Even as the van continues to be up-fitted on Bald Hill Road in Warwick, we are now recruiting and training competent and caring nurse-sonographers and pregnancy counselors to staff this oasis and save precious lives; whether they come to us in front of the abortion clinics, on college campuses, in “far-flung” towns around Rhode Island, or even for house-calls.

For their lives,

Barth E. Bracy

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