Deconstructing the Coliseum Sponsors the Second Annual Great Education Forum


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LYNCHBURG, Va. – Recently in Lynchburg, Virginia the Second Annual Great Education Forum took place, sponsored by Deconstructing the Coliseum (“DtC”), the organization that promotes abolishing the civil government school system. The Forum was held at the Forest Road United Methodist Church in Lynchburg. Afterwards there were refreshments and the opportunity to interact with the Forum speakers. There was no charge to attend the Forum.


This year’s Forum speakers were Kevin R. Novak (Deconstructing the Coliseum), Rev. E. Ray Moore (Exodus Mandate), Pastor Seth Williamson (West Lynchburg Baptist Church), H. Taz Daughtrey (Public School Teacher), and Pastor Larry White (Faith Reformed Church). The question addressed was, Can a Christian Child Thrive in a Public School? Each speaker addressed the question and then was cross-examined.


DtC is owned and operated by Virginia attorney Kevin R. Novak, whose organization established the annual Great Education Forum as a way of bypassing what he calls the Christian Establishment: Christian leaders who refuse to discuss and debate whether the Bible justifies the existence of civil government schools.


“Christians do not realize that there is a Republican Establishment because there is a Christian Establishment, which refuses to speak out against the civil government using our tax dollars to disciple our children in the nurture and admonition of humanism,” Mr. Novak has stated.


“Just as the Republican Establishment rejects conservatism, the Christian Establishment rejects abolition.” Mr. Novak plans on releasing a book this fall on how the civil government schools are responsible for the American decline. “Christian leaders could teach how the Bible does not justify the existence of civil government schools. They choose not to.”


DtC promotes abolishing the civil government school system in different ways: home school events, radio broadcasts, the Great Education Forum, and blogging. A newly developed legal externship under Mr. Novak will complement DtC’s abolition efforts.


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