By Barth Bracy – Rhode Island Right to Life

Hillary Clinton deserves credit for finding the correct word, but she was wrong in her attribution. In my view, “deplorables” does not describe the sizeable segment of Americans whom Clinton apparently despises but, rather, the two major candidates vying for the highest office of the land.

Rhode Island pro-lifers may wonder why the Rhode Island Right to Life Federal PAC has not made an endorsement in this presidential contest, nor indeed for any federal office during this election cycle. It is mostly due to a lack of consensus on the “endorsability” of Donald Trump, but also due to the fact that every penny is needed by our State PAC to retain pro-life control of the General Assembly, rendering us unable to raise the funds necessary for our Federal PAC to make meaningful endorsements.

But as the election draws near, an increasing number of pro-life voters are calling for guidance. What is a conscientious pro-life voter to do faced with these deplorable choices? While I can offer no definitive answer, I will share with you my own struggle, for whatever consolation it may provide as you wrestle with this decision.

I’ve long been aware of Hillary’s extreme abortion advocacy. The passing of Justice Scalia, her attacks against the Hyde Amendment, her contempt for religious freedom and the chilling email leaks about her campaign’s scheming and plotting against the Catholic Church all put an exclamation point on my already grave concerns. Barring her Saul to Paul conversion, I can’t imagine any circumstance under which I could ever vote for Hillary, thus it should be easy enough to vote for Donald Trump… right?

Unfortunately not… at least not for me. Even with the awareness that the next president will appoint as many as three or even four justices to the Supreme Court, very likely determining whether Roe v Wade is overturned or whether it lasts for another generation, with tens of millions more babies dying from abortion… I yet feel revolted by the prospect of voting for Donald Trump.

I find myself vacillating back and forth, often many times in the course of just one day. Sometimes I think I’ll be able to walk into the voting booth, holding my nose and carrying an air sickness bag, and “pull the lever” for Trump, but then I quickly recall one of the many awful things he has said or allegedly done, or worse, I run into one of those people who want to deny or gloss over all the awful things he has said or allegedly done.

We did everything we could to prevent Trump from winning the GOP primary, but I am now stuck with a de facto choice between two deplorables. Yes, I am aware that I can write-in an acceptable name, but then I must contend with the echo of all the talks I have given about making a difference rather than just making a statement.

Is commiseration, then, the best I can offer?

This past weekend, a prayerful friend shared on Facebook how she has come to believe that the Lord will not hold it against her on her day of judgment if she votes first and foremost for unborn babies. She imagines that if she were casting her ballot from the womb, she would find little else to distract her.

Though I can not say that I am “there” yet, I know this is where I need to get in order to resolve my present indecision.

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