Disney World Has Always Been a Godless World

By Stephen E. Strang


(Charisma News) – When Disney bought a 30-minute TV program in the late 60’s to announce their new theme park, no resident of Florida or member of the American church could have predicted how powerful Disney would become.


With a variety of fake business names, Walt Disney’s company bought 55,000 acres of pastureland at $110 an acre. In an effort to appease Walt Disney’s growing entertainment business, Florida granted Disney the right to set up the Reedy Creek Improvement District, a self-governed special taxing district that can make its own laws and levy taxes against themselves while taking advantage of multiple tax breaks.


When I reported for the Orlando Sentinel, I witnessed firsthand the challenges and problems that Disney World created for city and county governments. In Orange County, Florida, Disney World is like a black hole in the middle of the county where the county has no jurisdiction.


In my assessment, the state of Florida rolled over and played dead for Disney World, but more disappointingly, so did Christians.


For years, Floridians enjoyed the huge economic boon that Disney World brought to the area, and Christians enjoyed the good, clean entertainment. Whenever I talked with other Christians, the attitude was, “Well, you know, the kids like it. And it’s kind of harmless.”


Disney is harmless no more. Recently their company engaged in a political and cultural war against conservatives and Christians when they released a statement opposing what liberals call the “Don’t Say ‘Gay’ Bill.” The bill outlaws teaching sexuality in schools to any child in 3rd grade or below.


Disney has also vowed to make 50% of their characters LGBTQ and minorities. The “and minorities” is fine, but there’s definitely a sexual agenda inside of Disney and it’s startling how fast it’s moving. When I was growing up, things like changing someone’s gender was extremely rare, and it was looked down on. Now, Disney wants to celebrate it.


They’re grooming kids on Disney+, and throwing their weight behind legislation to groom kids in school as well. Thank God the Florida Legislature and Ron DeSantis stood up against Disney and not only passed the bill and defended it in court, they also revoked Disney’s special taxing district.


Although it’s sad what Disney has become, we shouldn’t be surprised. I used to spend time in and around Disney World, and I have many good memories, but it is not a godly place. Everything is centered around magic and the occult. Nobody prays. They wish upon a star.


At Christmastime, Disney World avoids Christmas carols with lyrics about Jesus. With very few exceptions, they avoid all positive mentions of God, Jesus or anything Christian.


In one display, they used to show the Pilgrim’s kneeling at a grave, and the grave has a cross. I actually took a picture of it because it was so rare, but the cross isn’t the cross of Jesus. They used a cross because it’s a traditional grave marker.


As a Christian, a resident of Florida and a former reporter of the Orlando Sentinel, I wanted to remind everyone that Disney is no longer harmless entertainment, and it never was.


Even when Disney World started, its brand was full of magic, dancing girls and a glorification of saloons. All of that early sanitized sensuality has only grown. Now, Christians and Floridians can see clearly where godlessness—even self-proclaimed “family-friendly” godlessness—can lead.


In America, it’s led to an entertainment monopoly that grooms our children with drag queen specials and woke cartoons. In Disney’s Reedy Creek Improvement District, it has led to a raucous and pagan nightlife. With each passing year and every new power grab, one thing has become abundantly clear: Disney World is and always was a world without God.

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