Do you know what our young people are facing?

By Brad Harrub

(Focus Press) – Church, the battle is a lot more intense than many want to believe, and the casualties are mounting up. I honestly don’t think our children are being adequately prepared for battle. And Satan is having a field day with their weaknesses.

I spent 2-3 hours listening to Christian young people share their sins and struggles. Through tears they poured out their hearts. Almost every single one said they wanted to do better–but many didn’t know how to move forward. And almost every single one expressed a weakness in Bible knowledge.

When is the last time you spent 2-3 hours allowing your child to bear his/her heart out to you and God?

Our young people are struggling with: Lying, disrespect to parents, pornography, ungodly audio & video in online games, don’t put God first, being fake to everyone around me, depressed, skeptical, mean & hateful to siblings, not nice to people, and not really caring about anything.

Let’s stop playing church and start addressing these real issues. They can’t defend themselves with the armor of God if they don’t know His Word or spend any time in it.

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