Don’t Give Us Barabbas

By Ray DiLorenzoDon’t Give Us

Hollywood has reached a turning point. Movie attendance is at a 24 year low and after decades of snickering at their audiences, disparaging Christians, family values, and trying desperately to overturn the culture, the audiences are dwindling. The only reason the yearly receipt totals have not substantially contracted is because they keep raising the ticket prices.

The Trump election put Hollywood, and the liberal elite in a tailspin. With the anticipation of a sure win by Hillary Clinton, the Left was convinced they won the culture war. Permanently in with Happy Holidays and gone forever with Merry Christmas and everything it represents. In with the Robert De Niro rants and out with Jesus. It didn’t happen that way. The majority of Americans have seen what Hollywood values have helped create…secularism, debauchery, broken families, drug use, and the multitude of problems associated with all of it.

The election confirmed all of Hollywood’s worst fears

The election confirmed all of Hollywood’s worst fears. America, after all of Tinsel Town’s hard work, is not New York or Los Angeles. It is families, Middle America, standing for the Pledge of Allegiance, raising children, going to church, Little League and soccer…values Hollywood and the Left gave up decades ago. The average American doesn’t have four ex-spouses and juggle umpteen sexual partners. The average American doesn’t need a script to sound intelligent.

God-fearing people in America have been ignored, harassed, ridiculed and tormented. Hollywood thought they had it all…ticket buyers with a bad habit they couldn’t break. Like dogged zombies they spent their money on trash that they were told they wanted. The audience has begun to wake from their demonic possession and is now demanding films of lasting worth…films that underscore the greatness of America, Judeo-Christian and Western values.

Studios keep making the mistake of thinking religious movies will only appeal to a small audience. Ticket and DVD sales for Christian and family movies are way up. But Hollywood’s version of some religious events like Noah and the flood is bizarre. It was clear the director of Noah had no idea of what the story was about. The Noah in the film never even mentioned God. To the credit of Paramount Pictures, they tried to convince Darren Aronofsky to re-edit the film to be more in line with Scripture. Aronofsky refused, forever putting Noah in a class of heretical films destined for the bargain basket and eventual obscurity.

Hollywood only sees through a mirror dimly. If many of them could see themselves the way the average American sees them, they would be shocked at their presentation, their exclusivity, amoral, self-righteous, and self-centered manner.

The Left is apprehensive. They have a message, albeit somewhat convoluted, but they are not as sure anymore if anyone wants to hear it. Hollywood has been the vehicle for that message, but their credibility is now forever tarnished by scandal. Unfortunately for Democrats, they joined the wrong team or maybe it was Hollywood that joined the wrong team.

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