Dr. Michael Youssef’s Latest Book Conquer Challenges Unbiblical Doctrine

The Good News Today Staff

Dr Michael - ConquerHemel Hempstead, UK — Against a tide of biblically unsound teaching that has weakened the church, Dr. Michael Youssef provides a practical battle plan for defeating your enemy in his new book, Conquer: Your Battle Plan for Spiritual Victory.

With Christians around the world facing a spiritual battlefield every day, Leading The Way’s Dr. Youssef says he wrote this book because: “I wanted to put forward a balanced and Biblical view of the Enemy, a view that affirms the existence of the devil but also affirms that obedience will close him out.”

Dr. Youssef added: “Many Christians are saved, but their Christian walk is going nowhere. From the Enemy’s point of view, Christians like this are his highest achievement. “One of Satan’s prime objectives is to keep Christians from growing in faith, to keep them from understanding and applying the Word of God in daily life.”

In Conquer, Dr. Youssef discusses how Satan attacks and then provides seven simple ways to overcome these challenges:

  1. Remember, the victory is ours. 2. Remember the secret of Masada: lay down your life. 3. Lock the doors of your soul each morning. 4. Put on your battle gear. 5. Praise the Lord. 6. Pray for the other person. 7. Start thinking of heaven.

Dr. Youssef explained why it was so important to highlight the reality of hell in his book: “When people treat hell as a joke, the Enemy is delighted. But the Bible makes it clear that hell is a literal place. It is not a state of mind, not a figment of the imagination, not a literary device. The fewer people who take hell seriously, the more companions Satan is likely to have.”

With high profile teachers denying the existence of hell and embracing all religions as equal in truth, Conquer addresses the common deceptions that have infiltrated the church and shares how Christians can live in victory.

Conquer offers a Biblical antidote to the poisonous teachings and beliefs that surround us,” Dr. Youssef said. “It is a practical guidebook to spiritual victory.”

Dr. Youssef concludes that we must never take for granted the high price that has been paid for our salvation: “Though I have been walking with the Lord for over fifty years, I have never ceased to be amazed at the price God paid for my salvation, at what it cost Jesus to mount the counteroffensive into the Enemy’s territory.”

Conquer is now available at Amazon.com and local bookstores.



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