‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Offers To Take Important Role To Help Trump

By Jack Davis

Duck Dynasty’ Star OffersDuck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson had never planned to support presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, but now he will do whatever it takes to help Trump defeat likely Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

“I was forced onto the Trump train, but I am happily volunteering my services for Mr. Trump, mainly because the Republican Party has spoken,” said Robertson, who supported Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, in the Republican primaries. “The people have said we want Mr. Trump. So Mr. Cruz goes down — I love him — but now I’m on the Trump train and I’ll do everything I can to help him.”

During his appearance Wednesday on Fox & Friends, Robertson had a very clear idea of how he could assist Trump. “I’ll make a valiant attempt behind the scenes, you understand, to sit down with Donald with a Bible in between us, and I might can help him along with concepts like loving your enemies, loving your god, loving your neighbor. Even your enemies, forgive them and move on,” he said. “I may can help him in that area.”

Robertson even projected a role for himself.  “I can see it now: Trump wins and the camera’s panning and his spiritual adviser is me,” he said. “Is America ready for it?”

Robertson has said that he will remain loyal to the Republican Party.  “I’ll go with the platform that I discovered when I was 28. I looked at the Democrats and the Republicans, and at least the Republicans aren’t for killing their children or for perversion, so I’m a Republican. So I’ll back old Donald,” he told The Hollywood Reporter recently.

As for Clinton, “Her record is long, and she’s already proven herself,” he said. “I know which way we’ll go with her, but I’m not sure with Donald. And remember, I’m a hunter. We shoot squirrels and ducks and eat ’em, and she says she’ll take our guns. All we’re doing is shooting targets, and alligators and cottonmouth snakes, and she wants to take that away from us,” he said.

Robertson consistently calls for political leaders to turn to God. “Why don’t we vet our thinking through the word of God, love God and love each other?” he said on Fox & Friends. “Why don’t we try that for a while? That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.”

He explained to the Hollywood Reporter why following God’s teaching is important to America. “When you remove the God of the Bible and suppress the truth and allow men and women to determine right and wrong, historically speaking, it always ends in carnage and murder — Hitler, the Caesars of Rome, the French Revolution, ISIS. Man, there has been a slaughterhouse on planet Earth, and the common denominator is the removal of God,” he said.

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