Easter vs. Passover

By Scott Britney


If you truly love YHWH, you will want to know the following information about what the holiday Easter is all about as compared to YHWH’s (not the Jew’s) Feast Day of Passover.


The name Easter is actually derived from the name of Ishtar (or Semiramis known as Isis in Egypt, Ashtoreth in Phoenicia, Aphrodite in Greece, Venus in Rome) the pagan goddess of fertility.  Make no mistake about it, the celebration of Easter honors her, not our Father YHWH or His Son Yeshua our savior and Messiah.

Because it is what we are taught, most people think Jesus (Yeshua) was crucified on “Good Friday” and resurrected on Easter Sunday morning.  According to scripture (Jesus’/Yeshua’s own words), He would be in the earth (tomb) for three days and three nights.

The most repeated prophecy in all of scripture and in fact, the most repeated thing Yeshua Himself said, was that there was one sign and one sign only of His authenticity; that He would be three days and three nights in the heart of the Earth, and be raised on the third day.

Question: If Easter Sunday is the remembrance and celebration of Yeshua’s resurrection and He died on Good Friday as we have been taught, how do you get three days and three nights between Good Friday and Easter Sunday?

The answer is you can’t.  It is impossible.  This is proof we have been lied to about Easter and Resurrection Sunday, but there is more to the lie of Easter.  Much more.

Friday and Sunday

First of all, Friday was the day Dagon the fish god was worshiped.  According to pagan belief, Easter sun day is the day Nimrod’s wife; Semiramis was sent back to Earth (after her death) by the pagan gods of heaven in a giant egg which landed in the Euephrates River on Easter sun day morning.  The egg broke open, and out came Semiramis reincarnated as Easter (Ishtar) the bare breasted goddess of fertility who turned a bird into an egg laying rabbit to proclaim her divinity.

Sunrise Service

In Two Babylons by Hislop and several other writings including the encyclopedia Judaica, we read the following:

On the fertility goddesses day of Ishtar, the priestesses (also called “nuns”) would go into the temple of Ishtar and disrobe.  They would lay on the altar to have fornication with anyone who would be there on Easter (Ishtar) sun day morning.  The Romans would bring in brightly colored baskets with grass laid in it and colored eggs dipped in the blood of infants that were sacrificed to Ishtar.  This is where the tradition of dying eggs comes from. Some of the eggs would be also be colored with other dyes and symbols of the fertility goddess (that were drawn the night before), with the pig meal (abominable meat in the eyes of YHWH).  They would place it at the altar as an offering to the goddess of Ishtar to give her energy so they would be blessed with fertility. In their sun day best clothes with all their family, the men would then take the baskets and celebrate the pig meal of the fertility goddess. After this, the men would fornicate with the priestesses/nuns in an orgy of satanic sexual sin. Some men would even give their own wives and daughters to be part of the fornication celebration.  A few months later [when they realized they were pregnant], saying “the fertility goddess has blessed us”.  Later, some gave up their children to be sacrificed during the December 21st equinox celebrations that went on for twelve days (which later became known as the twelve days of Christmas).


This was the sunrise service and where it came from.  This was the abomination that was committed and it is committed every sun deity day morning for the sun worshipers when they turn their back on YHWH and worship the sun god toward the east, rather than worship the one true creator by His Name.


What should be written on the heart of the true believer in Yeshua the Messiah, is His instructions (Torah).  According to the Torah, YHWH’s people should be keeping Passover to honor Him, instead of Easter which honors Ishtar the pagan fertility goddess.


The following are notes taken from: The Jonah Code – A seminar by Michael Rood. His source of information is unknown, other than actually living in the land of Israel, his own personal research and communication with those who also live in the land and who’s Hebrew ancestry goes back for many generations.

YHWH commanded His people to celebrate the Passover Feast/Festival.  It was to commemorate how the angel of death passed over their homes before YHWH brought His people out of slavery and bondage in Egypt by His mighty right hand.  They did this year after year for centuries.  Remember this as you read about what they did for their yearly celebrations.


On the tenth day of the first month of the year (on YHWH’s calendar), every Israelite in the land of Israel (within a certain distance of Jerusalem) was commanded by YHWH to go to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover Feast.  There were thousands upon thousands of people who would line the streets of Jerusalem from the city gates to the temple. As the high priest would come up to the city gate with the selected most perfect lamb and the other Levite priests with other unblemished lambs following, the multitudes would wave and throw down palm branches as they shouted:  ‘Hosana, Hosana, blessed is he who comes in the name of YHWH!


In the year of Yeshua’s crucifixion, on the tenth day of the first month (of YHWH’s calendar), as He rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, while He was still far off, the people thought he was the high priest with the most perfect lamb.  The first group of people started shouting: ”Hosanna, Hosanna  blessed is he who comes in the name of YHWH!” , so as they realized it wasn’t the high priest with the most perfect lamb, they stopped shouting, but it was too late, the multitudes strewn all down the road (over one hundred-fifty-thousand) started shouting and could not be stopped.  If they would have, even the rocks would have had to cry out.
The lambs were to be taken from where they were kept, and inspected for blemishes for four days. When the Passover lambs were being prepared to be sacrificed on the Temple Mount, the last one was being inspected for imperfections (no blemishes etc.) by the high priest. In the year of Yeshua’s Crufixion, while the most perfect lamb was being inspected, He was being inspected (interrogated) by Pilot and the Pharisees.


In the afternoon of the fourteenth day, the lambs were slaughtered.  The last one having been carefully chosen by the high priest to be the most perfect one was to be slaughtered last, by him as an offering unto YHWH.  In the year of Yeshua’s crucifixion , while the lambs were being slaughtered, He was being slaughtered (crucified).

As the high priest slaughtered this last most perfect lamb, he would cry out to the thousands of Israelites; “It is finished!”  This was their queue to take the slaughtered lambs to their ovens and bake them for the Passover meal.  In the year of Yeshua’s crucifixion, just before He died, He cried out” “It is finished!”


As the lambs were taken off the Temple Mount and put in the ovens, the high priest and his entourage would take their lambs into their chamber inside the mountain of the Temple Mount (Mt. Moriah) and put them into the ovens there.  In the year of Yeshua’s crucifixion , at this time he was put in the Earth/grave (inside the mountain).  Then just before sunset, the high priest would lead his entourage over the Kidron Valley bridge on the side of the Mount Of Olives, where the priests had previously planted the barley for the first fruit offering (harvest of the (Vickeriem).  As they went over the bridge, below the bridge were the graves of the kings and patriarchs.  To the right, are thousands and thousands of graves.


Today it is the largest cemetery in the world (because it is believed to be the place where the first resurrections will begin at the coming of the Messiah and everyone wants to be first up on resurrection day).  The Levites would then bind ten stocks of barley together, marked but not cut (still rooted in the ground).  In the year of Yeshua’s crucifixion, at the moment He died, the earth quaked and graves were opened but none of the people in them had risen yet.  Could this be because the first fruits of the dead were being marked but not cut (released)?


Then the high priest and Levites would go back to their chambers and eat the Passover lamb with unleavened bread and bitter herbs to remind them of the slavery/bitterness YHWH delivered them from in Egypt.  No one was allowed to break the thigh (leg) bone of the lamb.  In the year of Yeshua’s crucifixion, as they normally did, the Roman soldiers broke the legs of the men who were crucified to speed up their death (in the position the person who was crucified was in, they needed to push with their legs in order to get each breath, so when the Roman soldiers wanted the person to die quickly, they broke that person’s legs so they couldn’t push up with them and be able to breath), but when they got to Yeshua, they didn’t need to, because to their surprise, He was already dead.


The high priest would stay in the mountain in seclusion until the end of the weekly Sabbath.   In the year of Yeshua’s crucifixion, He (Yeshua) didn’t come out of the grave (in body) until after the end of the weekly Sabbath (Saturday at sunset).

Easter vs passover1

Wait a minute!  If He was crucified on Good Friday and was in the grave for three days and three nights (the only sign He gave for the purpose of proving He was the Messiah), the Jonah code that said He would be in the ground for three days and three nights just as Jonah was in the belly of the great fish (not necessarily a whale) for three days and three nights. How do you get three days and three nights if He died on Friday and was resurrected at the end of the weekly Sabbath (Saturday) before Sunday morning?  Answer:  as mentioned before; you can’t.


Mark 16:1-4 after the Sabbath, on the first day of the week, the women went to Yeshua’s grave to embalm His body.  When they got there (at the rising of the sun) the stone was rolled away and His body was gone.

They couldn’t have bought the spices needed for the embalming process on or shortly after the weekly Sabbath, so they bought them after the High Sabbath of Passover, which was on the third day (Wednesday) of that week that year.  The only way the scriptures record of the events can fit, is if He was crucified on a Wednesday, not a Friday.

Back to the Passover protocol

At the end of the weekly Sabbath, the high priest and his entourage would then leave their chamber with baskets and sickles.  Once they were sure the sun had set, in front of thousands of on-looking Israelites, they would cut the standing stocks of barley they had previously bound in the light, but now cut in the darkness.  The high priest and Levites would then take the barley in their baskets to the temple and separate the wheat (barley) from the chaff, and grind the barley to make loaves of bread where, next the high priest would take them and offer them as a first fruits offering to YHWH.  This is on the morning of the first day of the week. (Leviticus 23).  Until this is done, no one may eat of the first fruits of the barley.

The scriptures say (In the year of Yeshua’s crucifixion) after He was resurrected, the people whose graves were opened, then appeared to many, in the streets of Jerusalem.  We are told this was going to happen even before Yeshua was put into the grave.  Why?  Could it be because He was fulfilling the vicereem of the first fruits?  Did He take the souls of the people whose graves were opened to the Father for the First Fruits offering?  When Yeshua had risen (Saturday night) he had the keys of death.
Leviticus 23 tells us when He got up.

Why did Yeshua say to Mary “don’t touch me because I have not yet been glorified” but He let Thomas put his hand in His side and hand?  Because when he said that to Mary, it was before He had been in seclusion just as the high priest was to be in seclusion after the binding of the first fruits, until the cutting of the first fruits (after the weekly Sabbath).  If He then ascended to Heaven bringing the first fruits offering (the first ones raised from the dead), then descending back to Earth appearing before two of the disciples on the road and then to Thomas, while they were gathered hiding from the Jews, it makes sense that He could be touched because by then He had been glorified.

When we look at the real meaning of easter and compare it to the meaning and purpose of remembering (observing) Passover, it should be obvious which to celebrate and why… if we love our Father (Yahweh) and His Son our Savior and Messiah (Yeshua).



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