Everything’s changed…

Dr. Matthew “Anthony” Harper – A Christian reporter at the White House

By Fred Comella


Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see things at the White House (WH) have changed. We all knew, (well, some of us did), that transition usually means change. But this is something very different, and alarming to say the least. The tone at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and on “The Hill” these days, is one of “fundamental” transformation of a nation. This past year has all the makings of a shift from hard fought liberty with a sharp left turn toward socialism and the “progressive” recklessness that always comes with it.


Now I’ve written what seems like volumes about what happens when we ignore the dictums of history. But there is one common denominator which is happening right under our noses, and it’s the slippery slope if you will, that takes us the rest of the way to Venezuela. Simply put, when we lose the First Amendment in the form of our free press to “the state”, well, we lose our freedom. It’s really that simple. Some would say we’ve lost that battle already, and there are days when I might agree with that assessment. However, I believe there are still true journalists out there, holding the line and bringing the ugly truth of the Biden Administration to light every day. And I pray mightily they have the intestinal fortitude to stay that course.


From a purely analytical perspective, let’s look at the goings-on in the White House press room almost on a daily basis. It is there, the disregard and disdain for American freedom is palpable. Just Google “Jen”, and the powerful search engine very quickly populates the face and voice of the Biden nightmare, Jen Psaki. You can’t talk about propaganda in the media without highlighting this individual, and her sycophant ideologues masquerading as journalists in that room. These folks personify the ignorance and recklessness that is the American Press enabling the Progressive Democrat agenda in 2021. Psaki’s interactions and responses to (some) in the WH Press Corp, especially regarding COVID and American freedom, as well as their legitimate questions and queries on behalf of the American People, are the stuff of George Orwell Novels and Biblical prophecy. Psaki is a condescending, unapologetic and hypocritical defender of the indefensible and what “Build-Back-Better” really means for our posterity.


So as I sit at the keyboard this day after Christmas, I’m thinking, what could possibly be worse than say, a Peter Doocy from FOX NEWS attempting to get Ms. Psaki on the record concerning Dr. Fauci’s daily flip and flop, or maybe have a reasonable conversation with a non-sensical Leftist talking head like Brian Karem of CNN. And then it occurred to me, THATS why my editor gave this assignment, to kick off what is likely the most consequential 365 days in American history. Try being a “Christian” journalist in that room asking these questions!!


Dr. Anthony Harper with Trump Press Secretary Sarah “Huckabee” Sanders

So, I spoke recently with an amazing individual who is just that, A Christian Investigative Journalist and champion of human rights and Israel in a den of heathens… From his InterMountain Christian Newspaper Bio: “Dr. Matthew Anthony Harper serves as the lead White House investigative journalist regarding Anti-Semitism and other Human Rights violations, as well as Israel U.S. Relations for the Israel news service ‘NEWSRAEL’ and the InterMountain Christian News. Dr. Harper holds a Doctorate (Ph.D., 1996) in Psychology from California Coast University, a Masters (M.Ed., 1986) in Guidance & Counseling from The College of Idaho and graduated with a second undergraduate degree (B.A., 2018) from Boise State University in Communications with an emphasis in Journalism and Media Studies and a minor in Music. His first B.A. degree (1984) is in Liberal Studies from The University of The State of New York (now called Excelsior College). Dr. Harper has also successfully completed an Introduction to Doctoral Studies in Communications at Regent University (2019)”.


So obviously, this man scares the living daylights out of most folks in that press room, especially the ones behind that lectern, because they can’t slap a stereotypical moniker on him and dismiss him out of sorts. Dr. Harper’s mere presence at the WH press briefings is enough to enrage those in power, without him saying so much as a word. But he has plenty to say, and the resulting back and forth is something that should have every freedom loving American on high alert. It has even reached the point where Dr. Harper has sent along correspondence to the WH Correspondents Association’s Steven Portnoy to report the despicable way he’s been harassed and bullied by certain other journalists because he regularly points out their ignorance and hypocrisy regarding many of the WH COVID policies inside the briefing room. He’s also targeted for his questioning on the constitutionality and effectiveness of vaccines vs. natural immunity, and treatments as breakthrough cases are now so common. That email highlighted emotional and ignorant rantings from the likes of ABC’s Tim Garrity and Gray Television’s Jon Decker.


As I began my phone conversation with Dr. Harper, I was immediately struck by his calm, clear-minded speech, and how out of place that must sound in a room full of political egomaniacs. I also understood why God calls us to our gifts, and why I type and Dr. Harper does the talking. We spoke of some of his interactions with Psaki and other Biden apologists. I’ve watched some footage my editor sent along previously, and I applauded Dr. Harpers “inside voice” and reasoned approach to the arrogance and roiling ignorance of the aforementioned Brian Karem, a WH correspondent for Playboy, (that says a lot), and a political commentator for CNN, (and that says the rest). This is the knucklehead who Sebastian Gorka shouted down at a WH event during the Trump Administration. Again, this is why I don’t use my GNT press credentials very often.


You know, I’ve talked a lot about my conversation and interviews over the years, and the fascinating and committed Christian’s I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing. Dr. Harper is no exception. This was another one of those interviews that left me wondering how I would find the words, while praying my editor would grant me just a little more space.


Dr. Matthew Anthony Harper’s life was anything but story book and reads more like a man’s struggle to survive a gauntlet laid down by Satan himself. A lover of music, it wasn’t until later in his life that he’d realize his dream of singing and record producing. His family, personal life and early disillusion with the church left him seeking ways to better fit in, and despite accepting the Lord as his Savior at age nine, Harper would succumb to the pull of the evil one and spend years finding his way out of a vicious circle of drugs and demonic forces.


The now 70 year-old from Idaho’s success story actually began with him being a product of the 60’s and all of its pitfalls. The oldest of six children, alcohol, drugs and physical ailments threatened to derail a life meant for bigger things. And several attempts at suicide only made Harper more desperate. At one point, a call to a suicide hotline even exposed him to the drug dealer who introduced him to the dark side of illegal drugs. To be sure, the devil was hard at work and determined to snuff out a life he must have known would be a powerful force against him in time. Obviously, none of those suicide attempts were successful, and would convince Anthony in time, that God was shielding him, Mark 16:18: “…when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all…” During that period, Harper went down many roads, but nothing seemed to be working in his life, not on a personal or professional level.


“The Jesus People” eventually caught up with Dr. Harper, and God would send new friends with different ideas about his life and direction. At age 18 Harper found Shiloh Youth Revival Centers from 1969-1975. He lived in a Shiloh home in Idaho Falls, Idaho in 1971 and benefitted greatly by way of Shiloh Youth Revival Centers (a part of the JESUS Movement associated with Pastor Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, California) which was the largest network of Christian ministry homes that helped kids and adults on drugs. (For more information regarding the Shiloh homes and ministry, visit www.shilohyrc.com). Harper eventually found his way to college, and what initially began as more of the same, would actually bring him closer to the people who would turn him back to the light, setting the stage for the work he was meant to do.


Classically schooled in Opera, Harper was still convinced his path was through music and his God given talent. He would achieve great things along those lines, recording his first solo gospel inspirational record album in Aurora, Colorado in May, 1981. He would even fulfill a lifelong dream of singing on stage at the Grand Ole’ Opry, though regrettably, his parents would not live to see it. Dr. Harper would go on to organize many gospel concert tours singing and sharing his testimony in 32 states and part of Canada. He would also give his testimony on television and sing some of his original songs. In his own words Dr. Harper summed up what was going on in his life. “At one point, Satan tried to convince me I was utterly worthless, because he knew I could be used for God’s kingdom. Regardless of our talents or abilities, the enemy (satan and his fellow demon assistants) never want us to accomplish anything good or help anyone.”


But now, with the help of like-minded friends and colleagues, Harper was beginning to see God’s writing on his wall. He’d go all the way in his education, using his own personal experience to counsel others through their own trials, all while quietly and steadfastly tying all of his many talents together to make one life in the service of Christ Jesus. But still something was missing. Harper prayed mightily to Jesus to show him the missing piece.


Since completion of his doctorate degree (Ph.D.) from California Coast University in 1996, Dr. Harper continued providing Christian counseling to those who could not afford help and became the publisher of his local Christian newspaper Intermountain Christian News (formerly known as Treasure Valley Christian News). Dr. Harpers career and accomplishments are too numerous to list, and I certainly can’t do them all justice in this limited capacity. Suffice it to say, he understood clearly, and as his life began to transform into a life of Christian service, that he would take the next step in that direction. It was a step that he could never have imagined, and one for which many of us are grateful.


And so it was that Dr. Matthew Anthony Harper, relying on skills he learned by way of his many degrees, and with his credentials as a broadcast journalist and help from Idaho Senator Mike Risch, would find himself a stanch defender of humans rights and Israel in the WH press pool, holding Administrations to account for their actions and inactions. Mind you, this adventure did not begin with the Biden Administration, though I’m highlighting it because of the unprecedented bullying and harassment heaped on him personally and born of the COVID cult and all of the misinformation coming from folks like Psaki and Fauci. Dr. Harper has actually been there now, for more than ten years and has traveled far and wide in pursuit of covering Presidents Obama, Trump and Biden. He was front and center when 44 spoke in Israel and the Middle East, at one point seated next to an Al Jazeera reporter who commented “Don’t we make a pair.” LOL! He was also there for the dedication of the embassy in Jerusalem.


This brings us to present day and how much has changed in DC. From being passed over for questions by Psaki and company, coldly welcomed back after having had (and completely recovered from) COVID, only to watch Psaki eventually get COVID herself, to being harassed for his comments and questions regarding the COVID restrictions and how they echo historical cues of the past which ultimately led to oppression and even genocide. From unconstitutional mandates to the efficacy of masks and social distancing foolishness which we now see were a complete waste of time and resources. You see my friends, any historical truths and/or facts which are not in line with a particular Administration narrative are off limits in that room, and they will use the complete COVID playbook of artificial numbers and so-called science, (their science), to enforce their separation from reality and truth. Again, I say to all of you, get educated on what’s going on in your government. And be very concerned for your children when a man like Dr. Harper can’t even ask a legitimate question in your WH without being ridiculed.


“Spudman” at the Whitehouse

Thankfully though, there are still a few folks, lighthearted enough to see Harper as a First Amendment oriented colleague and not an enemy. Thankfully there are some who enjoy his Mr. Potato Head jokes in between sparing sessions with the elitists. Yes, you heard that right. Apparently, a good sense of humor has not escaped Matthew Anthony Harper, and some folks at the WH still enjoy a good laugh beyond one of the President’s pressers.


Dr. Harper and I spoke for nearly two hours and it seemed like just a few minutes. He explained his level of patience when dealing with the change in temperament at the WH press briefings. He spoke of his life in terms of Philippians 1:21, and how that passion for a Christ like walk above all things is what sustained him down those very bumpy and scary roads. And he thanked God and prayed for guidance as he does his work in an environment fraught with the evil that men do. And as I tune in daily to the goings on in that cramped room, I thank the good Lord for Dr. Harper’s presence there. It’s truly worse than we know. And the manner in which they treat a man willing to ask the tough questions on behalf of Christians, Jews and frankly, Americans and people of every color, creed and nationality, is at the very least, troubling. So, it goes without saying, that Dr. Harper is outnumbered but fighting the good fight. Thus he needs the support of those of us watching from the sidelines. The progressives understand this, and that’s the reason for their tactics. They’re counting on two things, people like Dr. Harper giving in to the pressure, and “We the People” not caring enough to get in the fight.


Do not give the Jen Psaki’s and the Brian Karems of this world a leg up in this obvious battle for the soul of a nation. Do not let them continue to use COVID as their excuse to attack the truth. Oh, and remember what you and most clear-headed Americans already know, “COVID is real, the pandemic is politics”.


Stay in the game Dr. Harper. We need a voice. Moreover, we need God’s voice in the room…


You can support Dr. Harper’s mission by going to his website www.imcnews.org and clicking the donate button. Then watch him at the briefings. Better yet, watch the exchanges he’s had with Psaki and friends on his website. They will make your blood boil. You may also read about this man’s extraordinary life and see videos of his many experiences and accomplishments, besides getting the unfiltered headlines of the day, and how they affect you and me.


GOD BLESS all of you this New Year. And remember, 2 Chronicles 7:14 – If My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

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