EXPOSED: Insurance company offers medical doctor payouts of $400 per child, if fully vaccinated by age 2

By Jonathan Landsman

(NaturalHealth365) Does your medical doctor have a child’s best interests at heart – when they’re being paid to practice medicine a certain way? Common sense tells us that there’s a conflict of interest here.EXPOSED Insurance company

An alarming news item has revealed that the Blue Cross Blue Shield company is offering medical doctor incentives to promote (and administer) vaccines to young children. The fact is: medical professionals can receive $400 bonuses per child for those who are administered a full course of vaccines by the age of two.

Some medical doctor policies include ‘refusal of service’ to parents who opt out of child vaccinations

Because of this, some medical professionals are being influenced to put pressure on families to accelerate their children’s vaccine schedule. There are some doctors (pediatricians, in particular) who are even refusing service to families who choose to opt out of receiving vaccines.

So, despite the lack of adequate vaccine safety or testing, these doctors are being trained to ‘follow orders’ from the moment they enter medical school and throughout their medical career.

A conventionally-trained medical doctor rarely (if ever!) questions the administration of vaccines – even though (believe it or not) they are not even taught about ingredients prior to the administration of these toxic substances.

Make no mistake about it, this kind of financial payout is a living testament to how much the insurance companies (with support of the pharmaceutical industry) control how your child will be treated at every doctor visit.

I have spoken to many physicians that tell me the ‘agenda’ of Western medicine has only gotten more intense – especially as it relates to family medicine and adhering to the ever-growing vaccination schedule.

If a doctor is able to ensure just 100 children per year are fully vaccinated under age two in his or her practice, their earnings would increase by $40,000. However, some doctors could potentially vaccinate many more children, increasing their payout substantially.

Added financial incentive to push heavy vaccine schedule onto families

There is another element to this incentive program. The doctor must fully vaccinate at least 63 percent of their young clientele base who are under the age of two. This motivates financially-driven doctors to be even pushier about administering these vaccines to the youngest and most precious among us – despite all the risks and warning signs.

Over the last several years, in talking to countless parents (and doctors) about this topic: there is a growing trend to put pressure on patients to ‘comply’ with vaccine orders. In other words, obey or get out of my medical practice!

Vaccines given to young children have been linked with a large number of unwanted side effects. Most vaccines contain mercury or aluminum adjuvants. These metals are known neurotoxins that can cause a wide variety of neurological disorders – especially in children under 3 years old.

The toxins, in these vaccines, are being linked to many health issues including allergies, autoimmune disorders and, of course, autism.

Documented high risk of side effects from child vaccinations

For example, the amount of aluminum in vaccines is far above the designated safe level for children – especially when many vaccines are given – at such a young age. Another undeniable reality is that, despite the widespread use of vaccines, disease rates generally do not seem to be dropping. In fact, cancer, diabetes and other neurodevelopmental disease rates have gone up!

Bottom line: this financial incentive of $400 per child to get fully vaccinated by age two must stop. Insurance companies have no business telling a medical doctor what is “acceptable” or not for their patients.

If your medical doctor gives you the ‘hard sell’ about vaccines for your young child – stop and think. Is this right for you? Naturally, I encourage you to do your own research and make an informed decision about what’s best for you and your family.

But, remember, this is your life. Ultimately, the acceptance of any medical procedure should be your choice to receive, or not.

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