Free Church or State Church?

Over 500 churches in Rhode Island are 501c3 Incorporated!Free church

No Wonder most churches in Rhode Island are truly not “growing” the biblical way of making disciples as the Lord Jesus commanded in Matthew 28:18-20. The Ministers/Pastors/Priests are “hog-tied” because of their Incorporation with the so-called State!

My questions is: Who are they serving? God or Mammon?

Are the “Pastor-preneurs” watching what they say because they just signed the bottom line of their 501c3? If so, they just signed their Constitutional Rights away. No wonder why we don’t hear lessons and sermons on Hell, Sin, and Repentance anymore! All these Pastor-preneurs just want to make their salary. Guess what? Jesus never took a salary, the Apostle Paul never took a salary and no, Peter didn’t either. I don’t take a salary either for my ministry.

At our fellowship of churches, Christs Church Fellowship, none of our churches has ever been a 501c3, since it’s founding in 1988.

If there are any churches in Rhode Island that want to get outy of the “snare” of ceasars, and into the loving hands of jesus church as a Free Church/Ministry just call 401-619-2221, and we will be happy to help. Likewise, if the Lord Jesus has called you to serve Him, just call, we will be happy to guide you into the calling that jesus has for you!

We are all, born-again, spirit-filled Christians, “a royal priesthood, a holy Nation”. We must all serve the King of kings, not some man-made State-sponsored Incorporated church which has no say in society. We have a say, this is called the gospel that every creature must hear.

We have a purpose as Christians. Can we turn this parched land upside down (Acts 17:6) for the cause of Christ? The State-Caesar-Mammon or the Lord Jesus Christ?!

What does your conscience say?

My two cents worth!

Monique M. LeMaire, Minister Christ’s Church Fellowship

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