“Game-Changing” Discovery: US Navy Converts Seawater into Fuel

By Teresa Neumann 

Game changing(Washington, DC)—It appears the US Navy will no longer have to rely on tankers to fuel up while at sea.

AFP News reports that, in an attempt to get away from a dependence on oil, the US Navy has developed a new hydrocarbon fuel by first extracting carbon dioxide and hydrogen gas from seawater and then transforming it into a liquid.

“It’s a huge milestone for us,” said US Vice Admiral Phillip Cullom. “We are in very challenging times where we really do have to think in pretty innovative ways to look at how we create energy… and how we consume it. Basically, we’ve treated energy like air, something that’s always there and that we don’t worry about too much. But the reality is that we do have to worry about it.”

Said research chemist Dr. Heather Willauer: “For the first time, we’ve been able to develop a technology to get CO2 and hydrogen from seawater simultaneously—that’s a big breakthrough.

Although the technology is now here, the report notes it will be at least a decade before US ships will be able to produce their own fuel on board.


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