‘God I Can’t Thank U Enough’: Odell Beckham Drops to Knees on the Football Field and Praises God for Healing Him

By Good News Today StaffGod I Can't Thank U Enough - Odell Beckham

[CBN News] New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. fell to his knees and publicly thanked God for healing his body before millions of fans Sunday.

“Lord, I come to You at this time … not to ask You for anything … but just to say Thank You,” he wrote in an Instagram post that captured the powerful moment.

This weekend, Beckham played for the first time since breaking his ankle in October. He was eager to give God all the glory.

“Mind. Body. Soul. Spirit. God I can’t thank U enough for completely puttin me back together and givin me another opportunity. It’s OUR time. #ELEVATE,” he wrote in an earlier post.

The NFL star recently gave his life to Jesus and got baptized while visiting Israel in July. He documented the spiritual journey on social media.

“Fresh start,” he captioned the photos with the hashtag “Im forgiven.” “What a time!”

“I couldn’t of asked for anything more!!!! God I can’t thank U enough for this one. My journey is just beginning,” he wrote in another post.

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