Graduation Day 2018

Graduation Day












Point A to Point B may not be a straight line,

If it is or it isn’t, the path is still mine.

It’s not how or when we get to Point B,

Who we meet, what we learn –

THAT matters, you see.

Sometimes our journey has curves and bends,

How we view the turns, on us, it depends.

The road can be bumpy or smooth on some days,

Grab the wheel, hold on, embracing each phase.

Do we set goals and follow our dreams?

Or have we lost sight, to some, it seems?

Each person, each moment, all have a part,

Of the adventure we’re on, a piece of our heart.

The ups and the downs, confusion, and doubt,

The glass we view is what it’s about.

Is it half-empty or maybe half-full?

Experience from both is what we will pull.

Successes and struggles create who we are,

To better our vision, more clear by far.

What is God’s plan?  What is His will?

Have we prayed for guidance when going uphill?

Life can be messy and that is true,

But, never give up, whatever you do!

We have gifts and talents unique to us,

Find them and use them.  Don’t worry and fuss.

Be confident you were created for more,

Do you hear God knocking?  Open the door.

He’ll take our hands, you and me,

And help us travel Point A to Point B!


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