Graham Warns America: Put Trust In God, Not The Biased Media


By Jack Davis graham-warns-america1

Rev. Franklin Graham on Monday reminded America’s Christians that in an election where the media cannot be trusted, they must instead be led by “prayerful consideration.”

“The media bias is incredible, especially relating to political candidates,” Graham wrote on his Facebook page, referencing comments on Sunday from Geraldo Rivera on Fox News about the media’s persecution of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“When I see Donald Trump, I think he wakes up knowing that 20 of the best investigative reporters in the country working for The Washington Post are assigned to find dirt on him every day,” Rivera said Sunday. “Every day the best investigative reporters at The New York Times are assigned to find dirt on Donald Trump. He wakes up to that every day.”

Rivera said he has never seen the level of bias Trump faces.

“We talk in general terms about the mainstream media and bias,” Rivera said. “But I have never in my half century of doing this seen actual proof.”

Graham on Monday urged his followers not to be fooled.

“I hope and pray that Christians are not deceived by the media’s bias, but will give prayerful consideration as they go to the polls and vote,” he said.

Graham said voters must act.

“Our political system in this country is broken. The corruption is in both parties and is unbelievable. The media, along with many politicians from both parties, doesn’t want any of this to change,” he added.


Franklin Graham speaking at the RI Statehouse during his Decision America Tour


Voting matters, said Graham, but so does prayer. “As I went to all 50 states this year and stood on the capitol steps with Christians from every state, we prayed and confessed our sins to God. We asked His forgiveness and asked Him to heal this land. My prayer is that you will continue to pray, and that you will vote,” he said.

Christians must play an active role in the election in order to save the nation, Graham said. “America needs the Christian voice at the ballot box. We can’t be silent. The church needs to take a stand for God’s truth and His righteousness,” he posted.

Graham also reminded readers that Americans must never forget that this election could set the tone for a generation of Supreme Court rulings.

“At the end of the day the most critical issue in this election is the Supreme Court. We’ve already seen the influence and impact this court has on the direction of our nation. You have to decide which presidential candidate you trust to appoint the next justices to serve lifetime terms and then vote for them,” he wrote.

Last Thursday, Graham indicated that Americans need to be fully aware of the danger that faces the nation.

“I pray God will open Americans’ eyes to the threats that are looming before us. Our unsecured border to the south. China’s military buildup in the South China Sea. The redrawing of Europe’s borders and Europe now flooded with millions of refugees. ISIS now fully operational in at least 18 countries and growing. Russia’s engagement in Syria where they now have a massive military presence,” he posted on Facebook.

“America is in a far more dangerous and vulnerable position than we were 8 years ago,” he added.

Above all, he said, Americans must look to God as they search for clues in how to respond the America’s ills.

“And the most dangerous and vulnerable place to be is away from God who has blessed this nation more than any other on earth. The many problems we face cannot be solved by man alone, but we must have Divine help to find peaceful and long-lasting solutions,” he wrote.


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