Health Basics: What’s the Difference Between Real Sugar and Fake Sugar?

By S. D. Wells
Health Basics2(NaturalNews) The best kind of sugar for the body is either contained in fruits as pectin or organic honey and organic maple syrup. Pectin is the natural fiber found primarily in citrus fruits and apples, and it binds to cholesterol, helping flush it from the blood. You could lower your bad cholesterol by as much as 10 percent in just six weeks by simply eating organic apples. On the other hand, the worst kind of sugar is that which is refined, processed and comes from genetically modified corn. This sugar is unusable by the body and can cause cancer and diabetes, among other major health detriments.

Yet, even worse than GMO high-fructose corn syrup (bug killer) and refined, bleached white, processed sugar are artificial sweeteners, which are synthetic (lab-made), toxic and cause cancer in animals. Most humans cannot digest artificial sweeteners, and thus the digestive tract becomes confused and irritated, as do the organs, the heart and the brain. The central nervous system of humans is also not formulated to process the overload of toxins that most people pour into their bodies on a regular basis, especially when it comes to fake food that tastes sweet. It’s sweet misery, and nobody wants to suffer the consequences.

White sugar is bleached, and aspartame is GMO

In the USA, two out of three people fit into the overweight “category,” and sugar is the main culprit. Period. Half of these folks who are overweight are tossed into another category known as “obese.” Again, sugar is the main culprit, be it processed or artificial. But get in line obesity, because you are second only to lung cancer as the leading cause of PREVENTABLE death.

Refined carbohydrates are “carbs” that have been altered by machines to increase their shelf-life to generate profits for corporations. Walk into nearly every large-chain grocery store and you see that 90% of the products are rife with refined carbs, including white sugar, white flour, white rice, white noodles, you name it. No country on the planet serves up toxic food better than the USA. This is the trick you see. The CHOICE between two evils. Will you eat refined sugar or fake sugar? Both are processed. Is it really sugar in the raw? What color is your sugar? Does it “fizz” as it dissolves? Does it leave a funny aftertaste (that’s the cancer — hint, hint)? Does your diet have you maintaining the same weight or even putting on some new pounds? What’s happening? GMO is happening. That’s what. It’s “Genetically Modified Obesity” syndrome, and it’s not really a mystery. Turn off the TV and listen to Dee McCaffrey sum it up:

Relying heavily on commercial food products, the American diet is rife with the refined carbohydrates found in white sugar, white rice and white flour. Examples include breads, crackers, pastries, baked goods, pastas, most commercial cereals, ice cream, chocolates, pizza, sandwiches, fast foods and snack foods of all types. These products are so highly refined that the body doesn’t even recognize them as food. Although most people don’t understand their bodies nutritional requirements, their bodies themselves do. All foods found in nature, when eaten in their natural whole state, contain the corresponding nutrients and enzymes the body requires to properly digest that particular food.

Don’t let the “foodocrats” scare you off of organic fresh fruit for sweetness. Fresh organic fruit provides nature’s best sugar. Remember to use only organic (local if possible) honey or organic maple syrup for smoothies. Remember to rotate your greens and don’t be afraid to eat a little REAL sugar. Organic food is medicine. Just keep the sweets in moderation and celebrate your organic life. Now go exercise.

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