Heaven – A New Billy Graham Film

By Rev. Doug Forbes

Heaven New Billy Graham Film

Heaven New Billy Graham Film

Have you ever wondered exactly what Heaven is?  I recently had the privilege of watching a preview of the new Billy Graham film Heaven.  This exciting film is filled with allot of great action and will also inspire and enrich your life.

The topic of Heaven is often in the news right now and this movie will answer your questions in an entertaining manner.  Churches across the U.S. are making plans to use this never-before-seen message from Billy Graham to reach out in their communities. Many area churches will host this terrific film and I hope your church will be one of them.  If not, please make a special effort to view this thrilling movie at a nearby house of worship.

The movie Heaven, which will release on Nov. 7- coinciding with Billy Graham’s 96th birthday, includes a never before released message by him.  Dr. Graham has spoken to more people in person than anyone else who has ever lived and is known for providing physical, medical and spiritual assistance to people around the world.  Many lives have been saved and countless people have been helped by the worldwide ministry and relief work of Billy Graham and his son Franklin Graham.

The ministry of Billy Graham has been a wonderful blessing to me and my family.  Five generations of my family have been helped by this wonderful man of God.  I would encourage you to take a little time to see this life changing film.  I guarantee that it will inspire you, touch your heart and maybe even change your life!

Your church can obtain a free copy of Heaven through www.BillyGraham.org. 



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