Heaven’s Postcards: A Mother’s True Story

By Good News Today Staff


Heaven’s Postcards: A Mother’s True Story”: helps others to experience the presence of the Lord through their daily life. The book is the creation of published author Kim Todd, a writer and licensed building contractor. She also

teaches Bible studies in her home and is a deacon at Summit Church.


Todd writes, “Heaven’s Postcards is a true story of a family’s devastating loss of a child and the amazing events that followed. Through a series of astonishing signs and miracles, God assured this family their son, Zach, was in heaven walking beside the Lord. This heartfelt story will influence the way you view your daily life and inspire you to embrace the comforting promise of life after death.”


Kim started a bible study group in her home soon after the passing of her son, Zach.  She currently leads and hosts 3 bible studies a week in her home.  She has raised three children and currently lives with her husband Steve in southwest Florida.  In addition to being an author, she is a licensed contractor and owner of a residential construction company in Naples, FL.


Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Todd’s new book is a stirring memoir of how a family was devastated from the sudden loss of their son as a result of a car accident. The story details how the family was restored through their faith in Christ and the incredible events that followed. With this book, the author shows how amazing miracles from heaven happen when you have faith and reach out to God in your deepest pain.


Kim Todd grew up in Mt. Airy, North Carolina with her mother, brother, and other extended family members who continue to live in Mt. Airy.  Kim’s mother was a single mom working in a clothing mill and a devout believer in God.  She has several writings in her reserve and has always loved to write. As a deaconess in her church, Kim is always making time to volunteer, reach out to those who are hurting, and find ways to share her love for others.  She is also a leading member of her local women’s ministry.


“Heaven’s Postcards: A Mother’s True Story” is available at most bookstores, or online at Amazon.com.


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