HOPE – Never Give Up!



By Renee Dumont/Health Coach


I realize that some of you have been struggling with food or other addictions for so long that you are all out of hope. When we lose hope we lose our desire to live and to experience life differently and abundantly, so we just live day to day not caring and we find ourselves thinking, “ayh, why bother”. Hope is essential to move forward, however many of us have been robbed of our hope through many disappointments, in more ways than we can count.


In today’s world we are so impatient, selfish and we want things quickly. Why is it that although it takes us years to get into our messes, we expect God to get us out of them in just a few days? When it comes to goal setting to eat right and lose weight most of us have tried so many things and just when it feels like we have some victory, we fall again…True healing only comes through a journey guided by the one who loves you the most and if we don’t get up every time we fall, we will never finish the journey…


We live in such a broken world, and yes it’s not fair that we have to carry so many burdens day after day. When the burden of frustration, loneliness and anger get to be too much we lose our way and we end up seeing ourselves carrying our burdens on our hips (literally) while others hide theirs under their tiny sweaters. Truth is we all struggle with something. Everybody has bad days and EVERYBODY FALLS!


Whether you are a binge eater, have an eating disorder or just have moments of struggling with sugar and addictive junk food cravings you need to realize that RECOVERY IS A JOURNEY and yes, the journey can be long, but not NEARLY as tiring as living in the depression and frustration you may be dealing with right now.


I believe that God can and will heal you from sugar cravings and junk food addiction in an instant if He so chooses. However, if His will for you is to walk out your journey to freedom through some very important lessons, then it is because he wants you to grow in wisdom and understanding in such a way that the memory of that experience will never leave you.


I would advise you to not minimize the problem, especially if you have a fast metabolism and/or are facing a possible health issue, or on the flip side are purging or starving yourself. To live in denial means your health and emotions will get worse, and nobody is happy when they are sick, right?


My message, “Hope in God Will Transform Our Lives”. You can choose to arm yourself with the confidence of a joyful and rewarding journey, through the love and comfort of God. To say “I will never, ever, ever fall for that again” is just setting yourself up for failure, self-condemnation, guilt and shame. Keep your eyes on the love of God, and hope and healing will grow.


Think For A Minute – It’s not IF we fall, but rather WHEN we fall. All of the people around you that have made huge successes of their lives have learned only ONE thing that you may NOT understand yet: How To Keep Getting Up And Sharpen Your Skills With God As Your Great Teacher.


John 16:33 I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have

many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.”


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