How Manny Pacquiao Is Changing the World One House at a Time

How Manny Pacquiao

By CBN News

Manny Pacquiao’s fighting skills make him a household name, but it is his strong Christian faith and generous heart that has him in the headlines again. 

Pacquiao is funding the construction of more than one hundred band new houses in his home country of the Philippines. The houses will provide a safe place for people who grew up like him — in extreme poverty. 

Throughout his rise to fame, Pacquiao never forgot his humble beginnings as an impoverished child in Asia. His newest housing project is not the first time he’s given back to the poor. Just last year he built one thousand homes for poor Filipinos. 

When the boxer isn’t building homes or boxing he serves as a Senator in his home country. He expects a big year and he vows to use his influence to spread the gospel.

“This is the right time to spread His words. People are idolizing us. Whatever words come out from our mouth, they will listen, they will believe,” Pacquiao said.


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