How We Got the Bible’ Named Christian Book Award Winner

By Don OtisHow We Got the Bible

LOS ANGELES –┬áTimothy Paul Jones’ book, How We Got the Bible, won a prestigious award from the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association.

How We Got the Bible was awarded the 2016 Christian Book of the Year Award in the Bible Reference category on May 3rd at the ECPA Leadership Summit/Industry Awards Night in Nashville, Tennessee.

Gretchen Goldsmith, CEO of Rose Publishing, said she is deeply pleased to see Jones’ work honored. “Dr. Jones has a unique ability to communicate the history of the Bible in a way that is easy-to-understand for the average Christian,” she said. Jones serves as a professor and associate vice president at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Dr. Jones recognized that many Christians are unaware of the history of the Bible and unable to confidently answer questions about their faith. Drawing from his own personal journey, research, and expertise, Dr. Jones put together How We Got the Bible.

In 184 pages filled with dramatic stories, time lines, charts, and illustrations, Dr. Jones answers the most pertinent questions about biblical reliability. With solid research, an approachable writing style, and a dash of humor, Dr. Jones expertly guides readers through the history of the Bible, addressing the importance of how the Bible came to be. Covering Wycliffe, Tyndale, Gutenberg, and many others, this easy-to-understand Bible history handbook takes its readers from the earliest clay tablets and papyrus copies to the first bound Bible and the various Bible translations that we use today!

Perfect for individuals, Bible study groups, pastors, and church libraries, the How We Got the Bible handbook is just one of many of Dr. Jones’ resources on Bible apologetics. Last summer Rose Publishing also released an entire 6-session How We Got the Bible DVD kit, hosted by Dr. Jones and inspired by his own personal search for the truth of the Scriptures.

“I’m deeply grateful for this honor and for the many people whose efforts have resulted in this book,” expressed Dr. Jones upon hearing the news. Dr. Jones has previously received recognition for his book Christian History Made Easy, collecting the 2010 awards for Book of the Year in the Christian Education category from both Christian Retailing Magazine and ECPA.

“In an increasingly secular world, this latest book with Rose Publishing is one of the most important projects I’ve undertaken,” Jones remarked. “My goal in this book was to describe the reliability and integrity of the Scriptures in a way that’s accessible and enjoyable for anyone from a teenager to a senior adult.”

Dr. Jones is also is an editor of The Journal of Discipleship and Family Ministry and has authored more than a dozen books on Bible apologetics, family ministry, and Christian history.

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