In God’s Global Reset, How Does a Believer Gear-Up to Persevere and Prevail in it?

Gear-Up: For A Time Like. The Ultimate Roadways To Do Exploits And Fulfill Destiny!

By Good News Today staff


DALLAS, TX – We are about to hit what is probably the biggest paradigm shift in living memory, and many people are ill-prepared for it. Our world, as we have known it is changing! Through a virulent global pandemic, tumbling economies, rising unemployment, and widespread racial collisions, the norms, and the certainties of our world are collapsing right before our eyes. Gear-Up: For A Time Like This brings clarity to the situation, and “GOD’S RESET.” It offers a physical and spiritual guide to gear up for the challenges!


At a time like this, can you still be sure about your purpose and mandate? Gear-Up: For A Time Like This answers the questions of why we are on earth at such a time and offers practical roadmaps for anyone uncertain, confused, and anxious about this season. It allows you to stay focused, uncover, and live in the primary, as well as illuminates the unique purpose of one’s life for God’s desired destiny in you.


Catherine Agada started writing this book on January 4, 2020, unaware that she would be peering prophetically into the future because she followed the guidance of the Spirit of God. She believes we could rise from the ashes of today if we understood the season and the opportunities it presented. We should be able to understand and appreciate our rich heritage in God at the end of this book and Gear-Up for the turbulent times ahead.


Catherine is a public speaker and coach who has inspired and touched many lives through the experiences of her tribulations and triumphs. She is a minister devoted to the ministry of uplifting and improving women. The vision bearer of the Daughters of the King Ministries (Texas), geared on uplifting and nurturing Godly women to become leaders in the marketplace and the body of Christ. Catherine is a Christian author of three books (God Take Over: I Am Finished and Making It Work), a certified IT professional, an entrepreneur, and the mother of a beautiful girl, Amanda.


You can find Gear-Up: For A Time Like This wherever good books are sold.

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