In the Wake of Tragedy, Will They Listen to God’s Voice

Everyone remembers who the popular kids were in school. The debut novel by Timothy Jay captures the very essence of a “coming of age” story and what God really values.

By Good News Today Staff

WOODVILLE, Ohio. – Teenage tragedy is one of life’s most agonizing traumas – for the family, friends, and community.In the Wake - AllianceLake

For Timothy Jay and others who have lost someone they loved much too soon, Alliance Lake ~ Be Still is a story that highlights a time of growing up in the 1970’s and 80’s which has become a by-gone era to many consuming all the instant digital access today.

From a small family farm in Northeast Ohio to now living in Northwest Ohio managing his own business, Tim tries to live by the motto, “I am third” – God first, others second, and himself third.  Married to his high school sweetheart and father of two daughters who are now in college, Tim found his attention turning back to a story that has been consuming him on and off for many years.  It was time to write!

Alliance Lake is known for many serene things – that is why the screams that night forever changed the six teenagers. Can they turn a tragedy into a triumph?  Alliance Lake ~ Be Still takes the reader into the individual lives before and after the tragic event that connected them.  They each process this tragedy very differently.

The 1970’s and 80’s are an extremely popular timeframe to explore.  Don’t you love the simpler and more innocent vibe of the television programs Stranger Things and the Wonder Years or even the movie My Girl?  Well with Alliance Lake ~ Be Still you will get heavy doses of suspense, mystery, young romance, teen angst and rebellion with strategic placement of irreverent humor. Get ready to read and reminisce about everything from arcades to rotary phones and even muscle cars and making out.

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