Is it possible The Temple wasn’t on the ‘Temple Mount’?

By Michael Carl


Jerusalem and the Lost Temple of the Jews

Biblical archaeologists, historians and prophecy teachers have speculated for years on the location of Solomon’s Temple.

Now, biblical historian, author and filmmaker Ken Klein believes he’s found evidence to pinpoint the Temple’s location. Klein also believes the precise location for the Temple is historically and biblically significant for the return of Christ.

“In order for there to be a return of Christ, there has to be an Antichrist,” Klein told WND. “The Antichrist is mentioned in the book of Second Thessalonians as the one who will go into the Temple of God and proclaim himself to be God. That will be a defiling of that Temple, so yes, it’s significant to Christians because it fits into the stepping stones of prophecy that need to be fulfilled before Christ returns,” he continued.

“Now, many Christians say the Rapture is going to happen and we will be out of here before that. That’s an academic discussion,” Klein said. “One thing we know for sure: Before Christ returns to set up His kingdom, there has to be a rebuilt Temple. So, is it going to be built on the Temple Mount where the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque are, where most people believe it will be built?

“The Jews could tear down the mosque and build their Temple there, but that will be wrong,” Klein said.

Klein believes that through his research, he has found the location of the (Solomon’s) First Temple and (Ezra’s, later also called Herod’s) Second Temple and, therefore, the location for the Third Temple yet to be rebuilt.

“I suspect it will be built on the southeast ridge of the Temple Mount,” Klein told WND. “The First Temple was built on the southeast ridge, and the Second Temple was built on the southeast ridge (in a location about 600 feet from the present wall) and we prove it pretty dramatically in my film.” Klein says he believes he found further confirmation for the accuracy of his discovery in a recent trip to Jerusalem.

“When we went to Jerusalem a month ago, my colleague David, who’s in my film, we followed Solomon’s prayer and went down and prayed where we thought the Temple was, on the southeastern ridge, about 600 feet down from the southern wall. We prayed. Right away we noticed God working circumstantially in our itinerary,” Klein said.

“When you think about the hundreds of books and all of these people who are on radio and TV and say that Jesus is going to walk through the Eastern Gate, that’s not the Eastern Gate and that’s not even the Temple,” Klein asserted. “The places they go on their tours of the Holy Land – it’s silliness. It has nothing to do with reality or the history of Jerusalem.”

Klein also told WND he believes rebuilding the Temple on the correct location will signal the nearness of the return of Jesus to the earth.

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