Jonah’s Ocean Adventure MINISTRY TIP


By Rev. Doug Forbes

Children love the story of Jonah and the Jonah’s Ocean Adventure activity can help make the story come to life.

For this activity you need the following: Bibles, 16-ounce clear plastic soda bottles (or larger), silver glitter, floating and non-floating plastic sea creatures such as fish, star fish, seahorses, etc. that can fit into the bottle, plastic grass which is available at pet and aquarium stores, a funnel, blue or green food coloring, glue and water.

Jonah's Ocean AdventureRemove the label from the soda bottle with warm water. Place four teaspoons of glitter into the bottle with a little bit of plastic grass, four to six plastic sea creatures (half of which float). Fill the bottle with water and add enough blue or green food coloring to make the water colorful. Glue the top on the bottle to prevent spills.

For a Bible study, read the story of Jonah with your class and explain that Jonah was told by God to share the message of God’s love and forgiveness in Nineveh. Instead he ran away on a ship. But, we can’t run away from God – he’s everywhere! Jonah was swallowed by a great fish, and eventually he asked God to forgive him for running away. God forgave Jonah and had the fish spit him onto dry land.

Jonah shared the message of God’s love and forgiveness. The whole city of Nineveh asked God to forgive them and started being kinder to each other. We can share the message of God’s love with our friends and family by being kind and helpful, inviting them to church and by sharing the message of John 3:16.

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