By Rev. Doug Forbes

JournalingJournaling is a wonderful way to keep memories alive!  Making a journal of a biblical event can be both educational and fun for your students.

For your journaling activity you need: Bibles Bible concordances, pencils, scrap paper and inexpensive softbound notebooks.

Instruct your young people to use their Bibles and concordances to discover a dramatic biblical story they would like to write about.  Have each child become a character in the story they have chosen, and journal from that viewpoint on a scrap of paper.  Ask each child to share his or her findings with the class, and allow time for the discussion of each story.

Assist each student individually with their story, reminding them that a person often expresses innermost thoughts in a journal.  They may write about doubts, secret wishes or even decide to boast.  Students could compare the attitudes of two opposing characters in the story or explore the feelings of the people in the story. When their final draft is ready, they can write their biblical story into their journal.

Have each student read his or her journal to the class and allow time for additional discussion.  You can also suggest that each class member become a character in the story and share his or her feelings from that standpoint.

You may use journaling as a tool several times throughout the year and/or encourage your students to journal other biblical passages on their own.  You could also discuss the value of keeping a personal journal as well.


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