Keeping Your Church Alive

By Wayne VaughanKeeping Your Church Alive

BROOKLYN, N.Y. – A new book, “Keeping Your Church Alive: Advice for Pastors, Leaders and Active Members” offers readers recommendations to prevent their church from dying. Written by Wayne Vaughan who has held several church leadership positions, this book takes a different perspective on how to help churches and individuals to achieve more for the cause of Christ.

Church attendance in the United States of America has declined in many denominations for several years. Sometimes this decline is not preventable. However, churches decline for many reasons and many of these reasons can be avoided. This book’s focus is on resolving problems, recognizing opportunities and avoiding common mistakes when your church actually has control over situations.

Vaughan allows you to consider things that you may never have thought about, that if not addressed could lead to serious church problems. He wants to help you strengthen your church, encourage the members, and prepare the team so that true success in God’s sight can be attained.

Author quotes include: “Don’t plan to give less than your best to God; He wants our best, and He deserves our best.” — “Spend what the Lord has given to you in ways that honor God; put a smile on God’s face.” — “If you have experienced tough problems, and you know that God made a way for you, don’t keep this good news to yourself. Share your testimony; it might change someone’s life.”

Some comments from readers include: “Vaughan’s focus on the elements of a thriving ministry was refreshing.” — “The book opens up deeper thoughts, provides great illustrations and offers solutions to church challenges.” — “This is a very helpful book full of wisdom and experience.”

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