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Jessica Drew-Day

A Nation in Name Only…

By Fred Comella

There are a couple of constants which are indisputable when we speak of the greatest nation on planet earth. First, a nation without borders is no nation at all. And second, but no less important, is a nation where “We the People” cannot voice our choices by way of free and fair elections, is nothing more than a collection of sheep, ripe for the fences.

2020 really gave us some insight into how compromised our elections really are, and how vulnerable to manipulation the entire system can be. I suspect it’s been that way and getting worse for decades. Advances in technology, as well as certain convenient “pandemics”, and a corrupt news media haven’t made things better to be sure. But I digress. Those discussions and debates should be reserved for those not easily brainwashed and/or susceptible to the promotion of one narrative, in spite of truth and reason.

Nevertheless, when we look back on history, we find that from the time of the Mayflower Compact to the present, representative government, aligned with Biblical principles of character and action, are paramount to the success of a republic under law. Moreover, the people must choose who will carry these tenets before a collective body, and feel confident their voices have been heard, and that the representatives they have chosen will do just that, represent them, honorably and without malice. John Kennedy, on those who serve the people, 1962: “We are all dependent on their sense of loyalty and responsibility, as well as their competence and energy”.

As President Kennedy said many times, “In the final analysis”, the sacredness of the ballot box, and the manner in which we choose our public servants, must not only be the most important/civic responsibility of every American citizen, but also, every person who swears an oath, or who is appointed by same.

With all this in mind, what we are seeing in our country today, would rock the worlds of those who came before us and laid the simple but intrinsic groundwork for a system of government the likes of which the world hadn’t known before.

Labels like “election denier” and “insurrectionist” are now assigned to any who dare question the security and validity of things like mail in ballots, proper ID for voting and drop boxes. What has arguably become a ruling class of political hacks, intent only on power and money, (and I’m not talking about any specific party), is working diligently to ensure the likes of Donald Trump, or any other outsider with intentions to “drain the swamp” if you will, will never again hold high office. This is their goal, and they will do whatever it takes to achieve it. Add in, a supposed “free press”, called out by that outsider who would catch them off guard and become president, and you have a recipe for “fundamental change”, but not the good kind.

I’m telling you all of this today, because it appears we are at the crossroads I’ve been writing about these past 20 or so years. Prophecy seems closer than I ever could have imagined, and our children’s and grandchildren’s futures are in flux. Now the only battle I can speak to is the human one. For only He knows the “day and the hour”. But in between now and then, “We the People” have a duty to preserve and pass on this “greatest arrangement for mankind under God”, to the next generation. And it simply cannot look like it does today.

“The Good News Today” is, America seems to be awakening and acknowledging the threat. And there are players in action who are not intimidated, and who understand the freedoms and rights, endowed them by their Creator as “unalienable”.

My former home state of Rhode Island is still a very special place for me. Despite being a microcosm for all that is wrong in our country today, I still visit and enjoy the beauty of New England, while envisioning the extraordinary history which played such a pivotal role in our nation’s beginnings.

My editor thought it would be a great place to join the debate. Accordingly, I spoke to Jessica Drew-Day, who ran for state rep in District 33 this past November, covering South Kingston and Narragansett, two of my favorite spots. Jessica and some like-minded patriots are leading the charge in Rhode Island to ensure that elections are free and fair.

From her candidate web page: “A native Rhode Islander with an independent, faith-filled spirit. Jessica has worn many hats, including wife, mother, business owner, landlord, homeschooler, fisherman, gardener, forager and farmer. A concerned citizen, tired of staying on the sidelines while an extreme political class destroys the state she loves, Jessica refused to be silent”.

Jessica and I shared a conversation via tele conference with Magan Brillo, another staunch defender of free and fair elections for all, and who together with Sara Vieira have been coordinating at the state and national level with organizations like RI Elections and Education http://rifairelectionsandeducation.com, The Election Integrity Network, https://whoscounting.us and Rhody For Integrity, https://Rhody4integrity.com . These patriots understand the game and how it has to be played. The opposition, in the form of groups like “Let Rhode Island Vote”, are engaged and networking on a number of levels, pushing every avenue and talking point, up to and including an entire re-write of the founding Documents, in order to cheat their way to victory. Actually, competing in the arena of ideas never goes well for them.

During our conversation, Jessica and Magan spoke of their efforts and meetings on Smith Hill, where they witnessed firsthand the treachery and deception that have become hallmarks of Rhode Island politics. Bills like (2022-H 7100A, 2022-S 2007A), very clearly speak to the intention of law makers in the Ocean State, and again, are a microcosm of efforts by the Leftist machine across the country. This is straight off Governor McKee’s web page. Let this sink in and ask yourself, is this free and fair, or manipulative cheating to force a desired outcome?

(2022-H 7100A, 2022-S 2007A) makes mail voting easier by allowing online mail ballot applications, and permitting any voter to use a mail ballot or an emergency mail ballot without needing an excuse for why they can’t visit their polling location on Election Day. It also drops the requirement that mail ballots be either signed by two witnesses or notarized. Instead, voters’ signatures will be verified using their registration records using a four-tiered verification process. The bill requires every municipality to maintain at least one drop box where voters can deposit their ballots securely through the close of polls on Election Day. Additionally, the act allows nursing home residents to opt in to automatically receive applications for mail ballots for every subsequent election.

Jessica did tell me about their own efforts and those of the above organizations. She spoke of networking and coordination that she hasn’t seen before, and that is reaching thousands of voters across the state and across the nation. People are beginning to understand the importance of these elections, and that if they are compromised, then our country is compromised.

Jessica and Magan talked about the push in RI for the “Ranked Choice Voting” system in use in states like Alaska and Maine, which allows voters to rank multiple candidates in order of preference, triggering a sort of  instant runoff, if no candidate gets over the 50 percent mark. Sounds good, but as we read more about “RCV”, as it’s called, it smacks of voter manipulation, and a system whereby you keep counting until you get the desired result.

Pastor Mark Benson of Joy Fellowship in Bradford, Rhode Island requested the ladies of the church pray for Jessica when they heard she was running for office

Jessica also said something that really got my attention. Mainly because I’ve been screaming about it for years. She told me she held countless events, spoke to thousands of voters, and knocked on no less than five thousand doors and still lost the election. I was shocked, even for a leftist state like Rhode Island. And then she explained that she talked to many Christians who told her that they simply don’t vote! This has been a sticking point for me for years, as I’ve talked to many Christians myself, who believe their faith is all they need, and that Jesus will do the rest. Now this is all well and good, but it’s also a dangerous and even selfish way of thinking. There are many passages in the Bible where government is foremost in the discussion, and many others where Jesus even tells followers to adhere to government rule, and to “render unto Caesar what is Caesars.”

In any event, if Christians simply get in the game, and support Godly candidates of character, then turning this ship in the right direction would clearly be much easier.

My conversation with Jessica and Magan was both enlightening and maddening. Everything from how foreign workers votes are now outpacing military votes overseas, to USPS whistleblowers alleging the beleaguered agency is most certainly using its role in the mail-in ballot system. From manipulate the tally to crooked poll workers and voter addresses coming back as business addresses. And of course the ones we hear about all the time, like dead folks coming back from the grave to vote. The bottom line, the American Election System is in disarray. And if you think that our enemies don’t see it and are actually helping to promote or fix it, then you’re not being intellectually honest with yourself, or anyone else for that matter.

In the end we talked about many of the issues facing our country today, from parental choice and the whole “trans” issue, to abortion up to birth. Ultimately, the common denominator in fending off these assaults on the values that made this nation the greatest in human history, is electing men and woman who will carry our banner to the school committee, the mayor’s office, the state legislature, and to DC and the White House. Only when we have confidence in that process, will “We the People” be on the right course.

So to Jessica and Magan, and all the other patriots who can see the danger, and who have decided to engage in our stead and on behalf of our children, we thank you. And we also pledge our support, both in faith, prayer and deed.

In closing, I did talk ask Jessica and Magan about what is needed for this fight. And they both agreed that foremost is prayer. But they also are in need of a good lawyer to guide them through the legal weeds that grow in the political fields, often choking out the message. So, if there is a likeminded attorney out there, who can also read the writing on the wall, and is willing to join and engage, please reach out to Jessica, Magan, Sarah, or all three. Your service is sought and appreciated.

Jessica with her husband Michael and their children Isabella & Alexander, taken at the corn maze at Clark’s Farm in South Kingstown, RI

Also, and I’m talking to my Christian brothers and sisters out there, your prayer is always welcome and needed. But you’ve also got to get out to that polling station and bring that faith with you, as you support candidates who have you and your family’s best interest in mind and at heart. Together we can make a difference. Together we can beat back the tide of socialism and woke culture being forced down our throats every day and through every media avenue out there, polluting the minds and souls of our young ones. Together we can bring GOD back into government, as it was intended from the beginning, and save our children’s America.

Please reach out by way of the links below my friends. If the events of the day are telling us anything, it’s likely that our time is not infinite, and that we may not have much of it left. Wake up, and let there be a sense of urgency in your efforts…

God Bless these United States!

Learn more or reach out at https://jessicadrewday.com, jessica@jessicadrewday.com, https://whoscounting.us,

https://rhody4integrity.com, or http://rifairelectionsandeducation.com.

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