Local Church reaches out to soldiers in Afghanistan

The Good News Today staff

Freedom In Christ Ministries will be sending out care packages to U.S. Soldiers serving in Afghanistan. Packages will include snacks, a Military Bible, a letter thanking the soldier for his/her service, a letter of encouragement from Pastor Ed Collins and a writing including The Gospel Message.  If you know a soldier who would appreciate such a gift, please email us at: Military@pastoredcollins.org. Please include recipient’s first and last name, rank, military address, and branch of service. We will begin sending care packages beginning in July and will continue as requests come in.

The website for Freedom in Christ Ministries states, “Our Leadership Team is a group of like-minded believers with a passion for seeking Truth. We do this by keeping it real, by staying out of His way, and by working shoulder to shoulder with each other, regardless of spiritual gift. Compared to eternity in Heaven, our lives are but a drop in the bucket, something every leader on this team recognizes whole-heartedly.”

“We embrace our lives each day. We consider each day a new opportunity to do business with His grace. None of us are perfect, just ask us, but we accept who we are and trust that we are new creatures in Christ. We know where our destiny is taking us. We understand eternal life and that we’ve been given it as salvation. We are running this race to win.”

“We reveal Christ’s love through fellowship and the study of His word, be it formally from the pulpit, through Bible studies, or through self-guided studies. We lead by example – something our Great Shepherd, our Lord & Savior has shown us how to do.”

“Our leadership team is dedicated to the pristine objective, which is to get the Word of God, the Gospel truth, out to a lost and dying world that needs it so very desperately. Please join us in sending His word to those who put their lives on the line every day.”

Freedom in Christ Ministries is located at 503 Winthrop Street, Suite 7 in Rehoboth, MA 02769. You can call them at 508-557-1634 or visit their website at www.freedominchristministries.org

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