Make Money While Reducing Sex Slavery

By Mark A. MinnellaMake Money While - The Wall Street Awakening

New book reveals how investors can reduce pornography, abortion, and drug addiction by choosing wisely. “The Wall Street Awakening” tells how to achieve real world returns without compromising Biblical morals.

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Many publicly traded companies directly or indirectly profit from or promote practices such as immoral lifestyles, pornography, attacks on God and family, and unhealthy drug use. Few Christians are aware of how their investment dollars support these inexcusable activities or that there are investment alternatives.

But, now, investors can clean up their portfolios and have a profound impact without sacrificing earnings, according to veteran financial advisor Mark Minnella, author of The Wall Street Awakening.

Mr. Minnella, founder of Integrity Investors, LLC, is on a mission to equip Christian investors with the power to reduce the negative influence, harmful products, and destructive impact corporations currently inflict on Americans and people worldwide.

His book reveals how investments, including retirement plans, can either promote immoral and harmful activities or be invested to support positive, caring, and biblically responsible companies.

“People no longer need choose between market returns and biblical values” Mr. Minnella said. “Investing with Biblical Integrity is a philosophy that embraces the need for real world results, here and now, without negating the eternal significance of our investments decisions.”

A portion of the profits from his book are being donated to More Than Money Ministries, a nonprofit charity established to lift up the poor and transform them into sharers of God’s blessings, and to provide resources to help people live financial lives of Biblical Integrity.

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