March for Life 2018

March for Life 2018 7 By Fred Comella

There’s just a lot going on folks. Political battles are heating up in ways we simply haven’t seen in the past, and that battlefield is pockmarked with the craters of wanton irresponsibility and abuse of power. The “Golden rule” seems all but dead, and evil appears to have a significant foothold in our country. The ideology of hate is masquerading as truth, and those who espouse things like God, love, country, family, accountability and true American values, are labeled with propaganda terms like “racist” “alt-right” and “extremist”. So-called “diversity” has now replaced unity as the rallying cry of an entire generation of misinformed college students, and a culture of irresponsibility and zero accountability has been validated by eight years of Barack Obama in the Oval Office. As for our current president, I would only say that his unlikely victory placed him in the unenviable position of somehow recouping America’s greatness, and turning back the clock on years of revisionism and moral ambiguity. I do believe President Trump has found the strength to carry on for his family and for this country however, because of Christ in his life and the knowledge which comes from understanding this nation’s true tenets. And he appears to be making the best strides he can amidst blistering and unprecedented attacks by leftists, anarchists and a complicit American press bent on undermining the Judeo-Christian foundations upon which these United States of America were built.

Politics aside though, I know that you, like I, are confused about the road forward. How may we fend off the sinful wave which seems to be washing over us, not just in America but around the globe? Where do we begin, and can we ever win? They are daunting questions I know. And I hear those of you who believe we should just sit by and let what we all know to be the timeline play out, if you will. But I say, that if we do that, we’re missing the very point of all that Jesus desired of us. For if we as Christians are truly tasked with bringing the “Word of (and the love of), God to every ear”, that mission on its own provides that we do all we can to prepare the way, no? Accordingly, it’s my humble position that we endeavor, (with God’s guidance and Biblical direction), to stand for all that He has given us, that being especially, “We the People” ourselves, and all People on God’s earth. To be clear, before all things comes life my fellow followers of Christ, and that life is the greatest gift we will ever receive lest our salvation.

As a country and as a people, I’m convinced more than ever that if we truly want to know where we may begin to restore our national soul, that journey begins and ends with the life God gives us, and that life begins as He intended it to, at conception. For if a culture disregards, (and even discards) the very beginning of all that we are and will ever be in this world, then the rest of our efforts are just an exercise in futility, are they not? How can we say that we abhor the violence in our inner cities when our actions continually redefine and rework God’s plan for our families to fit the next offended fool, and do unimaginable violence against the unborn whose lives we hold in our hands?

How can we expect fathers to step up when we tell them they have no say in the very beginning of their own child’s life? How can we claim the moral high ground of an “anti-war activist”, counting the lives lost on the battle field, yet still make brutal war on defenseless children, killing more than 40 million worldwide last year alone? And how can we possibly begin to address racism based on skin color without first addressing how the heck African American women make up just six percent of the population, but account for 35 percent of all abortions? I mean how is that possible, and why does it continue? Even worse, some in our culture appear to be just fine with human body parts sliced and scooped from the bodies of murdered unborn babies, then sold to highest paying “customers”. It sounds like something out of a horror movie.

Now I’m no doctor or scientist, nor am I a Biblical scholar. But I’ve seen the pictures, and I’ve watched the videos, and you don’t have to be any of those things to understand that these procedures are a travesty as well as ethically and morally wrong. Understandably, abortion and “Roe v. Wade” (RvW) in 1973 have been two of the most hotly debated topics in our country’s history. But in the end, that “argument” has always been simply about accountability and a death culture in search of absolution, using the United States judicial branch to validate a practice and belief system they know in their hearts to be wrong on all levels. Regrettably, it’s not the first, nor will it be the last time, mankind has sought cover from the truth of God’s word. However, abortion is different. Abortion is man attempting to play God, and that my friends is about as dangerous as it gets. There is only one arbiter of this life, period end.

March for Life 2018With all this in mind, once again, men, women and children from across the nation gathered in opposition to the taking of God given life in the womb on the streets of Washington, DC, like they have been doing since 1974. The numbers have grown into the tens of thousands with awareness, with an estimated crowd of nearly a half million for this one, and thanks in no small part to the efforts of “March for Life”, with their stated mission: “to provide all Americans with a place to testify to the beauty of life and the dignity of each human person. Both in January, on the anniversary of legalized abortion in the US, and throughout the year we bring together pro-life leaders and groups to organize, unite and strategize around a common message, and to communicate this message to the government, the media and the nation in a way that is powerful and life affirming.”.

This year’s event marks the 45th “March for Life”, and accordingly, the 45th President, Donald J. Trump addressed the marchers and all Americans from the Rose Garden of the Whitehouse. Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Paul Ryan also spoke to the marchers and offered their support. Traditionally the Right has always supported the pro-life effort, though some more than others. So far, it appears they have the full support of this president and his administration, in that he is a man who sees the future through the eyes of his children and grandchildren, and understands the gravity of the decisions he makes today concerning the future of all children, born and unborn.

Originally meant to be a onetime event in the hopes that RvW would be overturned a year from the March for Life 2018 6original ruling, and when it was obvious this wouldn’t happen, founder Nellie Gray immediately laid the grass roots groundwork and formed a non-profit around the March for Life effort, with the stated purpose of returning each year until RvW is overturned. Much has changed since then, and we’ve marked victories and losses along the way with the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003 being one of the brighter moments. Local chapters in support of the march and others championing the “right to life” have been founded and have thrived all across the country.

Barth Bracy of Rhode Island Right to Life is one of many organizers around the country who has beenMarch for Life 2018 4 fighting the good fight for the helpless unborn for decades. He and his team have played a major role in reducing RI’s abortion rate. Bracy noted back in 2015 that: “They know today what we didn’t know 20 or 30 years ago, when ultrasounds were less available and less common. There’s a greater sense of awareness about the unborn child, so I believe that has a significant amount of influence on it.” I wouldn’t disagree in that technology has made it much more difficult for the Pro-Choice crowd to “doctor” the information getting out to the public. RI’s annual Pro-Life rally was held on January 24, 2018 in the state house rotunda. Visit the RI Right to Life website or call (401) 521-1860 to get involved or for updates.

And there is CareNet Rhode Island with a division called Harmony, which offer free services including tests and ultrasound exams as well as counseling to those women who are considering abortion, which mMarch for Life 2018 3y pastor added are all things that empower women with knowledge. Rachel Nguyen, who is their Executive Director spoke at my church recently and told us of how Christ’s love, (and ours) needs to be at the center of this debate. And that ultimately, as a culture and society, and especially as Christians, we cannot live out Christ’s words while killing our own children. She told us that its not the politicians and lofty rhetoric that reach a woman in the decision making process, but rather agencies like Harmony that “meet them where they are” and offer them alternatives and action. I also thought you’d like to know that Rachel attends all of the hearings on the issue of abortion at the Rhode Island State House, and actually heard a doctor compare abortion to the discomfort of a “root canal”. Now if that doesn’t get you angry, it should. Reconciling the murder of unborn children to a dental procedure? Unconscionable…

For their part, Planned Parenthood continues to portray themselves as advocates for women’s “reproductive health”. I’m just not sure that I’ll ever understand what abortion has to do with women’s health. Nevertheless, I’m familiar with things like ectopic pregnancies and the internal bleeding they can cause. And I’m thankful every day for God given modern medicine and the tools to identify these anomalies so lives may be saved. But that’s not what we’re talking about now is it. What we are talking about is ending human life to accommodate a broken time frame, a mistake, an inconvenience or maybe something more sinister. We’re talking about depriving a person of their God given heartbeat at just three weeks. We’re talking about procedures that in my book look like infanticide. And we’re talking about the critical need to reach out and interact with a woman as she literally carries the future inside her. Plain and simple.

This debate is now 45 years old my friends, but we can never give up advocating for those who cannot advocate for themselves. The sin of abortion is just too great. And as President Trump put it today in the Rose Garden, “We are protecting the sanctity of life and the family as the foundation of our society”. Well said…

In 2018, we see a world in chaos. We are praying hard and fast that we may recover and somehow leave our posterity in a better way. I don’t pretend to have all the answers folks, but I can tell you this. If “We the People” of this free republic can’t show ourselves to be representative of those values we espouse around the globe, (and to our children), those being “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, then who are we really? If we as God’s own children don’t value the gift of human life, then why bother with anything else, because there isn’t anything else without life…

If you know a mother in distress, whether pregnant or trying to live with an abortion, please direct her toMarch for Life 2018 2 CareNet or Harmony so they may make an informed decision and/or get the help they need and often can’t find. And please support “The March for Life”, and organizations like CareNet and Rhode Island Right to Life. Your donations make their mission possible. And get informed about the TRUTH of abortion and how you can help those in crisis choose a different way, God’s way. Remember, we are all “fearfully and wonderfully made” – Psalm 139:14

There have been 2, 057, 480 abortions worldwide this year so far as of this penning. So much lost forever…

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