McDonald’s Now Including Free Vaccines Alongside Happy Meals

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor
(NaturalNews) The only way to make a processed, chemical-laden Happy Meal even happier, it seems, is to accompany it with an injection of aluminum into the bodies of young children.

A McDonald’s restaurant in San Antonio, Texas, has announced it is offering free vaccine shots to children who swing by the restaurant, reports [1]. The purchase of a Happy Meal does not seem to be required, but that’s what McDonald’s markets to children it can manage to influence.

mcdonalds-vaccinesThe aim of the free vaccine push is to inject children with a cocktail of multiple vaccines all at once: the MMR vaccine, the Tdap vaccine, the varicella vaccine and the meningococcal vaccine. Afterwards, children can enjoy their Chicken McMercury Nuggets if they haven’t already lost consciousness or fallen into a seizure.

Even pro-vaccine doctors strongly recommend spacing out vaccines so that the child’s body has time to recover from the heavy load on the immune system. It’s probably a safe assumption that kids who regularly eat at McDonald’s don’t have strong immune systems to begin with, so hitting them with a quadruple vaccine cocktail all at once almost certainly has a higher risk of causing harm than what you’d typically see across the general population.

But don’t worry: the vaccine industry has total legal immunity from all lawsuits. And the McDonald’s vaccine giveaway stunt is being carried out under the ill-named “Caring for Children Foundation of Texas,” which is named in the same way the U.S. Congress names new police state legislation with precisely the opposite words of what the laws will actually accomplish. “The Patriot Act,” anyone?
Drive-through vaccines?

If McDonald’s is going to jump in bed with the vaccine industry that harms countless children every year — as proven by the $3 billion in payouts from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program — why not go all-out and construct drive-through vaccine injection stations at all McDonald’s restaurants?

Order a Happy Meal from the comfort of your car, then drive up to the “vaccine station window.” Have your children lean out the window and roll up their sleeves, where they can be injected by robotic vaccine androids. Then pull forward to the final window to render payment and receive your “food reward.”

Mmmmm. Genetically modified soy burgers with artificial chemical flavor enhancers. What’s not to like?

Maybe they’ll call it the McMMR Happy Vaccine Meal! Now with extra GMOs, glyphosate, aluminum and viral fragments. All made to order by minimum wage workers who will be systematically replaced with fast food robots in the next decade.

By the time McDonald’s and the vaccine industry are done with everybody:

• The children will all be lobotomized by neurotoxic vaccines

• The workers will all be replaced by robots

• The masses of unemployed will all be turned into Soylent Green

• The Soylent Green will be served in Happy Meals! Business is booming!

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